12 Essential Keys For Every New Artist – Advice

By: Lauren Royer
Cover Image by: JefferyTheArtist

Alright listen up ya newbs! Essentially, Pigeons and Planes wrote the most essential of articles with advice for new artists. To be honest, we really couldn’t have said all these things better ourselves… although some of it we’ve beeennn saying. In case you weren’t listening the first time you can read the article by Pigeons and Planes, or my holiday gift to you is a list summary packaged so sweetly. I’m sure you’ve been good all year.

These are no doubt the essentials:

1. Know your audience
2. Build the right team around you
3. Don’t follow trends
4. Be Patient
5. Create your brand and commit to it
6. Practice Performing live
7. Don’t refuse help
8. Think carefully about your visuals
9. Know yourself
10. Plan your releases carefully
11. Don’t unofficially remix a famous song with new vocals
12. Embrace the chaos (my personal favorite)

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