14 Ways to Unlock Creative Flow

By: Lauren Royer

Everybody gets stuck sometimes.  Do you ever just look around, feel uninspired, and then slip into a deep dark rut? It happens to the best of us so no need to beat yourself up. Try these 14 ideas that I’ve slipped into a little list for ya. They’re rumored to get the creative juices flowing and it could help you write those next bars. Or maybe you’re not in a rut but you want to be more inspired than ever. If they don’t work, shit, write me back with “14 Ways These Suggestions Didn’t Do Shit” and maybe you’ll find yourself bouncing back that way.

1. Make lists.
Yo! I’m already on that right now 😉

2. Carry a notebook everywhere.
Write it all down when it hits you.

3. Quit beating yourself up

4. Listen to new music.
This doesn’t necessarily mean peeping Spotify’s Fresh Finds Playlist… maybe get out of your normal genre and explore. What if you find your next ‘sample’ that you’ve been missing?

5. Stop, collaborate, and listen.
You can’t go wrong with advice from Vanilla Ice.

         6. Break rules

7. Go for a walk, run, fly…
Just get up and move

8. Learn to do something new.

9. Take breaks

10. Link up with an old bud.
Meeting with friends can bring up old ideas that you always meant to finish but never did. Plus they’ve been missin’ your creative ass.

11. Write a poem.
You could write a poem about how stuck you feel and how you long to feel inspired again. I’d read that shit.

12. Channel your inner child.
How? I don’t know… do things like jump in puddles you creative lil foo! Silly shit unlocks the carefree child within us all.

13. Drink coffee and/or smoke green.
2 cups and 2 bowls are my creative sweet spot.

14. Try free-writing
Either the morning when you wake up or at 3 am. It’s at these times we are supposed to be at our peak creative mind.

It only takes a spark to ignite a flame babes.

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