2CupSlim Cooks & Serves “Yenihana” in 12 Hours

Stepping outside the box and getting creative, 2CupSlim cooked up his latest EP release in 12 hours. Find out about the process and why he decided to call it “Yenihana”.

IMG_5935What inspired this creative project? And where did the title come from?
I just thought it would be dope to cook a whole project from scratch right in front of everybody, and serve that shit hot like Benihana.
I put a (Y) in front of Benihana cuz that’s our lingo, we say a lot of words with a Y in front like, I luv ‘yash’ (cash), fuck the ‘yoyz’ (boyz/police), sup wit the ‘yuice’ (juice) etc.

How did you prepare to create Yenihana? How did you choose who you were going to work with?
We really didn’t prepare like that. We had a few conversations about how we were going to orchestrate it but as far as the creative process, we wanted to just cook up something organic, no GMO lol. We wanted the vibe to be in the moment.
Easy call, home team, CTSBeats, DJ El Grande and I cook up so much so I knew they would make the process way easier. For features, Livio and Naj The Shooter are both on the same vibe I’m on so that was an easy call too.

What were the challenges?
The biggest challenge for me was that I didn’t get not even 1 hour of sleep the night before. I go to sleep at like 8/9am everyday so I knew it was a wrap for gettin any sleep because we had to start the production by noon. I did this shit off NO SLEEP, that gotta be another record lol. Other than that, just trying to get everything done before midnight and still make it sound dope was the only challenge but it was a slice of cake.

What’s your favorite joint?
Definitely the last song (“Happy Ending”) and I recorded it in 20 mins. It’s always the quick ones that are the best. I love the vibe and it came out the most natural out of all the songs.

Will you do it again?
Shit yea, a lot of people make good music, but I did this to show people how productive we are when it comes to putting out (quality music) I feel we will stand out because we do this so much. It’s too natural and too easy. I don’t even record songs I don’t think are gonna be dope. We not only did it and put it out in 12 hrs, it really came out wayyy better than I thought it would so…swoosh!

Stream “Yenihana” Now:

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