:30 drops “PRESTO” album & “Fees + Things” video / debuts

By: Carrick Wenke


This summer is about to be huge for the :30 boys, I can already tell. Ever since I first discovered them back in 2015 a bit before the release of their debut :30AM/PM, I’ve anticipated every next move which has been spectacular, but they really out did themselves on PRESTO. When Street Pharmacist came out early this year it had been around a year and a half since the release of their debut projects so needless to say I and everyone else was heavily expecting the follow up. The past year or so has seen each member creating a divine name for themselves, with DJQJ being one of the most sought after DJ’s and respected producers around town, PHX seemingly having his face everywhere in the important corners of the fashion industry, and Scooby Miles and SheedBe getting much praise for their clever lyricism and knack for making what they do look effortless.


Right around the time of their Upstream Music Fest performance, :30 started dropping little vignettes promoting PRESTO was on the way, and finally on 6/30, it was out. The album which is a collab with the legendary KHRIS P, and really shows :30 evolving as not only rappers, but song writers in general. Each track’s production was handled by Khris and QJ, and as with the lyrics, they are astounding in their own right. I heavily advise that you listen to this album with headphones in so you can actually hear how many different sounds these two used in the crafting of these beats.

Now just days after the release of PRESTO we also get blessed with Yung Tada visuals for “Fees + Things”. The video is a follow up to the video-only single “Too Long” featuring Ghoulavelii & Shawn Parker, that dropped on Elevator Mag last month.

Too push things even more forward, :30 also debuted their official website which has all of the above media, plus a discography of all of the previous projects if you’re newly acquainted, and a bio on each member.


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