6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Next Music Video

By: Lauren Royer

Let’s talk deep artistic things or nah? What if we talk about a music video just released by the very sexy Tinashe? “Nightride” is disturbing, haunting, and beautiful- it’s art. Audio and visual originality, as if you know you FINALLY heard and seen something you hadn’t before.

It is different though, so don’t expect her to sound or look like Tinashe from “2 On”

Watch it and see what it evokes in you.

Personally I find it to be intelligent and every female is going to understand this in some type of way. She says in the beginning she’s tired of fitting into those standards. Good for you boo! It’s not very often I find a music video that pushes artistic boundaries in a way that isn’t random or just highly sexy. The camera work and direction on this (for lack of a better phrase) is the shit. So that being said, it got me thinking about how long it’s been since a music video commanded me attention- let alone my praise.

So here’s the advice for music video production today:
Be artistic and be different because the way a song lands on people can and will change depending on the music video experience. Yep. That’s exactly what I’m saying. Imagine watching a 1000 different music videos where you see different crews all doing the same shit they always do, with poor quality filming and editing. It’s not captivating if you’ve seen it over and over. It’s not pushing boundaries or moving the culture forward. What is the purpose of dropping time and presh-funds on a music video if it ends up looking and sounding like all the others we never click on again?

The questions that need to be asked when creating concepts for your music videos are things like:
-Would that take away from my sound or would it enhance it?
-Does this ‘fit’ with what I’m about or what my song is about?
-What am I trying to say visually?
-Am I telling a story?
-Has this been done before?
-Can my artistic vision for this be created in a quality way?

Music videos are supposed to be a happy fusion of audio visual, the worlds go hand in hand (I guess that’s a big duh). Next time you’re in the concept phase of music video production give those questions a whirl. I mean, it seems like it wouldn’t hurt to take your game to some next level shit, but that’s just me.

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