7oddz – Out For Blood Vol 3 (Chapter 2)


OFB Front Cover

Critics and Debbie Downers who scrutinize Hip Hop and claim that the true artform is dead need to take warning, the Chicago based 7oddz squad is “Out For Blood” and ready to prove the naysayers wrong. In fact, the genre is very alive and thriving in the Midwest on albums such as their latest release, “Out For Blood Vol. 3 (Chapter 2)”. With DreamTek manning the production helms, he’s joined by crew member’s Clever One, Doomsday, PozLyrix, Tony Pantagonia, SaveOne and Roy Hobes. The formentioned artists hold down the brunt of the album with Billie Dee Boodah, Scenic Roots and Pride making a solo song appearance each. The way these guys write so many songs and record them is intense and their acquired ability to pick up and finish one another’s bars is next to none (check “Murder By Committee”).

The eleven track presentation keeps it’s warrior like theme and continues painting the portrait of Chicago thru music. Terms such as only the strong survive, kill or be killed and protect your fam at any and all costs immediately come to mind when listening to OFBV3C2. A perfect example of that is portrayed in the first single, “Standing On The Edge”. This one’s for the die hard hip hop fans, for sure. Listen below and add this album to your collection by purchasing it below.

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