All Star Opera Captures Their Vibrant Live Show with Debut LP “All Star Opera”

Article by Carrick Wenke

Seattle Photographer, Seattle, Los Angeles Photographer, Los Angeles

Since their inception, Seattle’s All Star Opera has become an ever evolving project. Going from a 2-MC, 1 DJ/Engineer three piece, to a multi faceted 6 piece band that features the aforementioned members, and 3 new members all playing live instruments. The two MC’s, OZ and Gyasi “Flow” Carter continue their contrasted, yet hand in hand style of OZ’s more laid back feel good vocals and Gyasi’s classic 90s reminiscent cadence. There is left no question where the “flow” in his name came from. To add to their evolution, Gyasi started playing trumpet in their songs and DJ/Engineer Seth McDonald stopped DJ’ing and making beats and started playing keys and writing songs. As ASO puts it, “there is no band member that is more important than the other”, which means the new members were welcomed with open arms and a perfect fit to what has become a Hip Hop/Jazz band.

With more than 30 live shows and a West Coast tour under their belt, All Star Opera all but concludes the year with the release of their LP, All Star Opera. It’s often times not likely that a groups live aura gets captured in a studio, but ASO have done a great job in doing so with their debut full length. Once you get to about 1:15 In on the opening track “Rafiki” you can almost mentally transport to one of their live shows and feel vibe of the other concert-goers in the crowd. If you’ve ever been to a live ASO performance you know that their live shows start and build and the whole experience comes to a startling end with everyone rejoicing after, basking in what just happened. This feeling was perfectly captured on the album with the ending, “Clocktopus” a 7 minute opus with the song structure changing multiple times before the end. If you haven’t yet check this album out, my favorite track is “Flying With The Fishes” with it’s smooth r’nb vocals ‘I got that feel good, in my soul now, you can’t bring me down’, bringing back a feel good 90s summer day feeling. I would also suggest checking an All Star Opera show in the immediate future if you haven’t already 😋🌹

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