Are You Consistent Enough To Be Unstoppable?

By: Lauren Royer
Cover Art Credit: @ccgartwork

Consistency is not something our generation does well. For real, think about how often we make plans and then pull some flakey shit or how many projects are left undone. We hate routine and if one thing is consistent about people these days… it’s that we want to feel like we are seeing or hearing something new because we have heard and seen it ‘all’ (repeatedly). That’s totally chill and even a wonderful thing to demand variety! When it comes to career though, in any form, consistency is a damn MUST. Say it with me now, consistency is a damn MUST.

I do not mean consistently doing the same ol shit with the same ol beat to the same ol tune. In fact, I never mean that. This is more about your own mental discipline, how you do business with others, and creating formulas for success. This is shining advice for life in general too.


Consistency equals follow-through
It’s a total let down when you can’t depend on someone to do something you trusted them to do. This damages relationships and does not sit well on your rep. Following through consistently creates this sense that “I can handle anything you throw at me, and will.” Low key I want that mutherf*cker behind any project I do because I know they are going to see it to the end. This is super powerful stuff and yet, a very basic thing you can do.

Consistency equals true communication
Okay so yeah, you intend to follow through and then realize you bit off a huge bite of something you can’t swallow. This is where you man up and let people know it’s not gonna happen. Be honest about it! More than likely, they won’t get all beefy because you couldn’t deliver, in fact, they’ll probably be relieved they were told in time to pass things along to someone else. Besides that, they should respect you for knowing what you were able to handle and for admitting you need help. It is NOT weak. What’s weak is ghosting a project leaving someone to do the work you left unfinished and not being up front about it.


Consistency equals showing up
Show up for yourself, your fam, tus amigos, and be fully present when showing up. Showing up could be as simple as practicing sets on a schedule or continuing to support local artists around you. Showing up doesn’t stop when you’ve arrived by the way. It means to arrive and then be present- just be. Try and be consistently present in each moment you can bare to be present in. Think of how this could change your interactions with all the peeps above. There is so much know-how, quality, and growth that can be done in one interaction with your mains. Showing up is moving forward, not staying behind.

Consistency equals change
Obviously consistency means manifesting standards, process, and formulas for success- and then sticking to them to guide you. These can always be tweaked but they will help you create something familiar and won’t allow you to be all over the place like a tornado of unorganized projects and thoughts. That sounds mega reckless though! Non-obviously is the change that comes with consistency. Ever heard “the more things change, the more they stay the same”? Those two are always mixing together. But hey, balance em out if you can. Too much of either could be a full blown disaster. Finding the perfect blend of the two will create a potent unstoppable formula for you to work/live by. Things will get easier to handle if you stick to your formula and will open up space for you to handle the new elements coming into your life.

Ways to start being consistent:

Keep your eye on your why
Pick your battle- pick 1 thing to change and stick with it. Then move on to the next thing.
Schedule your priorities and deliver
Be yourself
Respond to people reaching out to you, every time.
Outline the lane you want to be in… and where you want it to lead. Make sure to walk it after that.
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