ARTIST PROFILE: Divine Council

By: Carrick Wenke


To say 2015 has been a good year for Divine Council and it’s members $ilk MoneyICYTWATLord Linco, and Cyrax!, is an understatement. Easily things have been moving in the right direction for them at rapid speeds since officially joining forces at the beginning half of the year. It all started last November when ICYTWAT dropped his proper debut 06 Elegance, which he entirely produced, with features from some of the hottest underground artists on each track, including separate features from Lord Linco, $ilk Money, and Cyrax!. Following collabing more with each member on their subsequent solo projects and singles, Divine Council, aka DB$B, aka Dirt Bag $hawty Boys, aka Do Better $top Bitchin’, became complete, officially adding ICYTWAT to the group around February, when he dropped his Dior Junts project, once again featuring each member. Lord Linco originally had the idea to form a collective 3, or 4 years ago, and after already being friends with Cyrax! and $ilk Money in Virginia, he added them after hearing them spit. ICYTWAT, who is from Chicago was added after sending them beats and having a mutual appreciation and respect for each others music. After Lord Linco dropped Yardie, Cyrax! dropped Lone Bwoy, and $ilk Money dropped Wan Lovey, Div Co’s late 90s-early 2000s aesthetic began getting even more traction, dropping a single on the We Did It Collective, “The Fine Household”, where the track alone currently holds 146k plays. With Lord Linco finally releasing his long awaited project, Love Hard Die Young, and ICYTWAT dropping his pseudo-porn themed website,, Divine Council have been gaining much praise from legendary artists, and influences, including being featured as a personal pick from Jaden Smith, getting props from Andre 3000, and getting a praise from Erykah Badu on Twitter.



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