Interview By: Carrick Wenke



Ever since spearheading onto the scene in late 2012 with their debut video, and critical anthem, “FLEXXIN”, the SIQFUX started branding and crafting their ambitious Trap sound and members BIGFACE, ElKunictErkle, Guala Boy, and NGARLF stayed hard at work dropping numerous videos with visual ace Excel Visuals at the helm of the camera. Sadly, while in the middle of recording their debut The Come Up, group member BIGFACE was taken from us. In his honor, the SIQFUX completed the project and kept on as that is what he would have wanted. Ever since day one, the SIQFUX have been one of the most consistent acts and prove to hail one of the biggest and most loyal fan bases out of Seattle. The constant output from them this year alone has been impressive to say the least. Closing out 2015 with a brand new Full Length release (Way 2 Heavy), 7 Music Videos, and a notorious live show, the SIQFUX are leveling up with every step taken. Excel, who stays in charge of the videos, also keeps things creative with constant montage videos that give fans a closer look into days in the life of the SIQFUX, and has garnered praise and work from other artists outside his camp as well. Ending the year way too heavy, to put a pun on things, heres a look at some of the highlights of a SIQ 2015.

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