Back On Road – Choreography by Jess2sick + INTERVIEW

By: Lauren Royer

“In order to be limitless, you got to be limited”
Need some new life blood to push you to the end of the week? Start here.
We caught Jess2sick (Jessica Hu) on the road just before releasing her fiercely choreographed visual take of Gucci Mane’s “Back On Road”.
Check the video, check the passion behind it, then get back to work!

Shooting above a roof top over looking the city during your not so stereotypical day in Seattle. She brings different creative scenes together in a compact 1:30 s keeping all connects local and representative of the west coast.

“There’s no better time to be yourself than now”

What helps you tap into that limitless drive and are there some people in your life you can shout out to for keeping it going for you?

What helps me tap into the limitless drive is 2 things. My friends/family (supporters) and a strong mind set. I want to be the best I can be to work with the best. People that share the same vision as me and want to manifest their dreams into reality. I felt really abnormal wanting more most of my life. I have ideas floating in my head all the time. The more kept dancing, or curating creative content, the deeper I got into knowing more, being better at communicating my vision more. I read a quote once “In order to be limitless you got to be limited” So yea I was very limited at one point in my life and now I don’t take anything for granted.

What surprised you the most about making this video and working the choreography?
Honestly, making a “full fledge” concept video for me is a mile stone. It means I believe in myself. I’m proud of myself and my work. Although I been dancing for 10+ years I didn’t fully believe until mid last year (October 2015). Once I knew what I wanted things came quick. Making this video was a marker of self confidence, the solidarity and support of my friend group, and my mission to continue to create and inspire others. It’s important to have a solid team, without them the video wouldn’t of received the recognition.

Thankful to probably be one of the first Female, Asian, and a Dancer to be highlighted on Hip Hop DX, an online rap publication and also get a like by Gucci on Twitter.

You mentioned bridging the gaps of other creative circles beyond your own and it’s clear you do that in this collab video. How do you approach other creative circles and art forms to get the results you have?
I’m big on taking down stereotypes. Growing up as Chinese female with a love for art and wanting to be different etc. I guess it stemmed from wanting to bridge the gap with just wanting to relate, just wanting people to feel equal, to feel human. Dance helped me find myself so I knew art would be a great way to highlight how merging different artistic communities together is beautiful and that not everyone has to be in a certain click or look at “art” in one way. My approach is purely just support. I just genuinely want to learn what fascinates an individual to dive into their art. Then I take note… “maybe one day I can work with them and we can make cool stuff.”

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