Bad Beef: 6 Articles on HipHop Feuds

By: Lauren Royer

By now ya’ll have heard of the increasingly agitated square up between Kid Cudi and Drake. I don’t know about you fighters out there but being a lover, this shit is not well received on my radar. Some carnivorous people love the drama, beef, and rapper wars. It creates something for us to all talk about so, I guess that’s something. That being said I hope the Cudder/Drizzy stuff simmers down soon because I like both artists and they would have people feelin’ like their parents are divorcing and they have to choose between mom and dad, like damn.

But hey! It’s Halloween weekend and I feel like stirrin’ shit up. So check this list of well seasoned beef. There’s some articles, photo-reels for the old folks, and even a playlist of “HipHop Diss Songs” from good ol’ Complex (which has some true hiphop beef history weaved throughout making it the Kobe beef of articles). I may not support rapper feuds but I do understand it as an element of hiphop, and it makes or breaks artists’ careers. For those of you aspiring to blow up to the public eye as an artist, realize this is a very real element of the culture. Perhaps in reading these articles you can ensure history doesn’t repeat itself in you.

If all this doesn’t get you riled up, slide over to our twitter and tell us what your tastebuds are feelin’ about the Drake and Kid Cudi beef. My lil vegetarian self is going to sit and hope this all blows over soon so we can all move on to some bigger ideas.

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