Badluq James “Unlucky Introduction”

By: Carrick Wenke


2016 was quite a prestigious year for one of my favorite Seattle groups, SIQFUX. Beginning the year with the debut solo tape from Badluq James, and opening for hometown heroes such as Nacho Picasso & Sneak Guapo, to ending the year with a much anticipated third group tape Who’s To Say, and opening for ATL heavyweight Curtis Williams, and underground legends Chris Travis, Xavier Wulf, and Black Smurf. 2017 is already proving to have plenty in store for them, with the first drop from their camp, a solo video offering from James, “Unlucky Introduction”. 


Kicking off with an eerie sample from 1997 blockbuster Con Air into the two chord sludge of the production, you can tell in this new track that James and the rest of the SIQFUX are ready to cut the bullshit and takeover, with lines such as “the boys are back and they itching just to get ’em”, and “I’m from the city where an artist goes to die”, this is truly a no frills epic.


Featuring impressive as usual visuals from Excel Visuals, the mostly black and white video shows James trudging through an unrequited area with cut scenes of him in front of a backdrop of an overlayed video while on his Cactus Jack shit.

Don’t forget, SIQFUX will be headlining The Blow Up Co’s first birthday party at Chop Suey Seattle, where they will display some of this aggression. 


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