Blasé Blaes Sound Session Episode 12 Recap


I’m back and I’m better *Bryson Tiller voice* and this is the recap! I know it’s been a while, but allow me to introduce myself if this is your first time tuning in. I’m Blaes and I’m your host of the Blasé Blaes Sound Session! Where I go live every Thursday night on the snap and talk about some new music. So lets get into this weeks fuego!

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Artist: Neka & Kahlo
Location: Portland, OR
Twitter: @Neka_Kahlo

Blasé Blah: So it started off real slow, and I was worried because I didn’t know where it was going. It was just very repetitive, but the vocals were gorgeous so it worked out. Then when the gentleman started rapping, my speaker started sparking. Then when Neka or Kahlo starting dropping bars and my speaker caught on fire! So just know, y’all owe me a new JBL speaker! But for real, every artist was extremely talented on this song, you all had a story to tell that people could relate to. And for that, I gave it 4????


Artist: RoGizz Black Blago
Location: Miami, FL
Twitter: @RoGizz

Blasé Blah: There are a lot of artist I’m anxious to hear more from, and you are definitely one of them! The whole concept behind your project is dope, but this song in particular really spoke to me. Especially being black and a women, I am constantly dealing with society’s beauty standards. So I gave this song 5????


Artist: JKJ
Location: McKeesport, PA
Twitter: @JKJ412

Blasé Blah: Okay classic started from the bottom, now we here message. But it was dope! You definitely had bars, and you’re very relatable. But it was still like a turn up song. And this video though! Hella simple but hella clean. Which I think worked well for this song, so I gave it 5????


Okay y’all that was it for this week! I hope to catch y’all next week for the live show on TheBlowUpCo snap! Don’t forget you can send your submissions to JussBlaes@TheBlowUp.Co. Blaes signing off!

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