BlkSknn Disconnects To Reconnect In Second Official Project

By: Carrick Wenke

Kicking off with my favorite song on the album and ending with my second favorite song on the album, BlkSknn’s Disconnect is beginning 2018 off as one of the more interesting and introspective projects out of the ashes of 2017. Based on the concept of disconnecting being a part of reconnecting to the things we love, Disconnect features two spoken word pieces, 4 tracks produced by Donato (whose ear for samples and chord progressions sometimes goes unmatched), and one track produced by 17 year old Seattle producer Pharoah Prim.


How did you choose the title of your project?
The title of my project was kind of an idea for a year or so and I never really got to execute it over time. So I would make songs that kind of fit the idea pretty much and basically the whole idea was supposed to explore the relationships of us as humans with the things we love the most. That could be family, money, women, whatever it is, it pretty much explores all those thoughts and gets really introspective. Disconnecting is a way of reconnecting in a way, you know?

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
The drawing itself was drawn by Katie Corr, she’s been drawing all of my stuff since the beginning. I really like her style, it’s super dope. As far as the graphics and what not, I sat down and brainstormed ideas with my younger sister and she thought it would be cool to make the cover look more intense and artsy. The collage in the background was kinda my shot at that so I did all the graphic design myself.

How long have you been working on this project?
I would say total, actually working on it hard, for about 7-8 months. Not all the songs came out at once. Some of it was songs I had recorded that I needed to finish or songs I had half written that I really wanted to finish. It just took time to finish writing all the songs and actually get them recorded and edited. I would say 7-8 months.

Where was it recorded?
All at home. I got my little microphone, audio interface and soundproof, and my Macbook, and I just go in and ignore everything and just make hella music. All mixed and mastered myself. I do it through Garageband and I use Lander to master it so that part of the process makes the voice just pop more. As far as everything else, I do it all myself just on Garageband.

Who are the producers?
The producers is mainly Donato, who I believe is a dude from Connecticut? I’d have to check, I never talk to the dude just lease his beats off line. The last beat is produced by Pharoah Prim, whose this 17 year old kid I met at this open mic I did in the Southend and after the show he came up to me and said ‘I have hella beats’, and made me sit down and listen to them and that was one of them. I kept it and decided to use it for the project.

Who was featured?
I only have one feature on there and it was L.E.X.. I just thought his voice would be a perfect contrast to mine on that song. Actually that song I was working on for hella long and I couldn’t find anyone to do the verse whose voice would sound right until I met L.E.X..

What was your favorite track?
My personal favorite track is “It’s For The Record”, which is the one with L.E.X. on it. That song I feel like I perfectly recorded that one and everything and it was just in my computer for so long and I couldn’t do anything with it so it felt nice to finally get it done.

Who would you like to thank for helping with the project?
I would mainly like to thank my two younger siblings. They were a lot of like, artistic background of the project itself. They’re two people that look up to me so they allow me to explore my feelings and say the things I say. I would give the biggest thanks to them two.



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