Boogie Into The Weekend With These 6 Artists

By: Lauren Royer

It’s Friday… Y’all been workin hard for the weekend and the last thing you want to do is dive into some logic. Same here actually. Let’s go the opposite direction and check some cuts that are really deep. This is just a little post to tell you what artists I’ve been feeling for a minute, for an hour, whatevs. I’d say they are all around the latest sound edge of the industry too. Maybe you could pick up something new to throw into your own sound.

Scroll through some of these new(er) tracks and digest however you see fit for yourself. Tell me what you think of some of these this weekend. These are the kind of projects I’d love to chop up with someone you feel me? Guess I do want to get into that logic.

1. Skateboard P (Feat. Big Sean) – Madeintyo
Honestly slept on this and just heard it finally today but it’s setting my weekend off right. And kinda wrong (but still in a right way, right?). The homie Big Sean has been making tsunamis and even though this track can get a little repetitive, the flow is flawless. I enjoy the bounce and energy this track has too. It paired well with the joint I smoked on the way home today no douubt.

2. Fin – Syd
Okay so this album has been seducing me since day one. Syd is groovy and her sound is sexy, strong, poetic, and ripe. If that didn’t translate, her music is bae. The album is diverse enough in sound that you don’t get hella bored either. A warning though- her music gets wavy and is raw too. Females are going to go far this year and will dominate your ears so hard.

3. Nu Religion – THEY.
THEY. is my favorite artist of 2017 so far. Hands down. Their newest album NU Religion is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. I could spend an entire review on this project and still not get into it as much as I’d like to. What I love about it is how unique their sound is. They have distinctions and style created in every track that is still distinctly their style. A lot of my posts stress the importance of being unique when creating a style for yourself. This album and these artists are one of the reasons why I say that. Their music is not only unique, it’s raw, it’s familiar, it goes deep and shallow, and it’s repeat worthy. You staying in tonight? Bump the whole thing.

4. Like Us – EMI
Bringing it back to a local, EMI’s latest track has some heat. For me it was slow to build though. I love everything EMI throws down so it was gonna happen eventually. It’s a slappin’ track if you’re into something light and buzzy with just the right amount of sway. All of her tracks have this soft/hard quality about them. Her style reminds me of Terror Jr and Kiiara.

5. Some Say – Darci
I got some mixed feelings on Darci. This is just because he’s heavy with the autotune style. He makes it work though. Because it’s so exaggerated it creates a style and atmosphere that is not your every day. With recent success of similarly styled artist NAV, this artist is in keeping with what is (prolly) about to be a poppin’ style. Ride the wave with this track.

6. Late At Night (ft. MNEK) – Pell
This artist will get you ready for the ultimate weekend- Summer. He’s just sunshine and heat, that’s all. A lot of his tracks have a warmer feel and he can still throw some bars. Mostly his sound is groovy and feel good. It’s officially the weekend.

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