BustaMove! World of Dance Rewind


By: Lauren Royer

WOD, what? World of Dance is a Cali based dance competition. It’s actually a little more than that. It’s a movement that supports not only dancers, but also music, apparel, and design. They create an atmosphere that allows the expression of originality in all art forms. This was my first time going to such an event and I wanted to back it up and share some of the bomb choreography I witnessed- and to give you the opportunity to scout out some talent for any dancing needs you may have (cause tbh no one wants to see your ass busta move). Some of these squads are from Washington, but this tour had contestants from all over the country and the tour is still hitting cities all over now.

This company has been growing at a rapid rate and is soon, joining with NBC and Jennifer Lopez (yes, thee Jenny from the block) and creating a world wide competition. Besides all the great variety of people and ages in this show, the merch booth was ridiculous. They had some high quality gear (your girl even walked away with a slick WOD baseball T). WOD is always looking for vendor contribution for future shows so, this is your heads up if you’re a vendor wanting to get in on the action.

If you click the link on each squad’s name you can watch quality footage of the performance in exchange for your email. I recommend checking out the WOD site and see for yourself why they’re making moves.

1 . This move would have taken home “Sassiest Move”- if that existed in this competition. Damn (Schwanna Bulldog)!

2 . This duo had every girl like… 😉 (Understaff)

3 . Detroit boys holdin’ it down (Tiffany Rene Company)

4 . This squad was not messin’ around with full costumes and stage props (this one is really worth the entire front row watch: Groove Nation )

5 . Jess2Sick! Hey didn’t she interview with one time? She was a judge for the Headbangerz Brawl at this event (WOD Frontrow)

6 . Headliner Poreotics (WOD FrontRow)

7. This last one is just my boo thang Tamara. She’s the one who brought me to this hypey dance show and she’s just hella cute.

Now just imagine a community that supports artists and gives you an opportunity to have exposure to the right people- hmm, sounds a lot like TBU 😉


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