Camera ace Alex Alexander celebrates birthday with 3 track EP + long lost video “Hey”

By: Carrick Wenke

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Although known very well for his work directing and editing videos under his “Lexscope Productions” moniker, North Carolina – Tacoma’s Alex Alexander also has a bit of a repertoire of his own music under his belt. While his music can trace all the way back to his North Carolina days, Alex dropped his first proper EP last summer I HATE ALEX. Being kicked off with the single/video “Amnesia” and the eTc Tacoma compilation offer “My Nigs”, he made a nice little stamp musically while deciding to have that take the backseat and continue on his main focus of creating visuals. With upwards of 10 music videos and short films released in the time in between I.H.A. and now, it’s finally time for his follow up EP, Scope Was Here. The three track EP kicks off with “Jan 4” which is clearly a retrospective piece with more of a mellow sound than his last effort. That immediately changes as track 2 and 3, “I H8 Alex (Relapse)” and “Ain’t No Tellin” are back to the more murky sounds of his first release.

With the EP dropping in conjunction with his birthday, that’s not all that Lex has to offer. He also unveiled a video shot for the track “Hey” off of his first album, that went unreleased until finally seeing the light today.



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