Connect to Future Fans as Quickly as Possible: Hive – INTERVIEW

By: Lauren Royer

“Create the best music you can, post it to Hive, and watch it reach large new audiences”

With Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, and all the other streaming music engines out there- it’s hard to see anything stand out as next level. Enter the new app Hive– a music discovery tool that allows you (the artist) to reach new fans. Created by a team of true hustlers with a passion for music to share the love. Hive helps artists focus on music, and not worry about the logistics.

So what’s the deal?

You upload your song (sync with your Soundcloud or whatever you’re feelin), it sends your track to 6 random people, if they dig they’ll swipe right and off it goes to 6 more random bees in the ‘hive’. You won’t generate revenue through the site directly but it puts new listeners on you and links to your online outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. They also have the hookup with record labels that are looking for you!

I interviewed business/operations man Andrew Savitz and got the real low down scoop on this amazing start up. Check that out and hit download on it here (if ya know what’s good for ya)


What makes Hive important? What are you guys doing that is changing the game?
We, unlike any other current music app, are 100% focused on giving each and every new artist an equal chance at getting discovered. We don’t think artists should have to worry about marketing, spending money, and other tricks to get noticed. All that matters is their awesome music. So Hive is built on that premise: create the best music you can, post it to the Hive, and watch it reach large new audiences when people like it.

How easy is it for artists to sign up and sync their various platforms and to maintain? I like the 30 second concept, do artists get to custom what part of their songs are played?
Currently, to get your music on Hive, all you have to do is open the app, tap the “+” on the top left of the main screen, and search the song you want to post. We use SoundCloud’s database, so you search for your song as if you were on SoundCloud, and whenever people listen to your song, it counts toward your SoundCloud plays. Once you found the song you like, just hit the “Post” button, and you are good to go! In the future, we plan on allowing an artist to sync his or her SoundCloud, so whenever you upload a new song on SoundCloud, it will automatically post on Hive to start building an initial buzz around the track. Another future addition is the ability for an artist to pick at what point the song starts playing the 30 second clip (but if you shoot us an email to, we can change the starting point for you in the meantime).

What can artists expect to experience/ gain when they contribute their honey to the hive?
There are a few great benefits to an artist submitting songs on Hive. First, you get your music in front of a focused group of trendsetters. When listeners find a song they like, they can easily save it to a playlist by swiping right. In the playlist, they can listen to the full song, and can connect with the artist outside of Hive via links we provide to the artist’s SoundCloud page, Twitter, Facebook, and song download (if they include one). But we do more than help an artist build a loyal following and increase awareness; we analyze the engagement of our listeners each week, and present record labels the top performing artists. This is an outstanding way for a new artist to quickly get validated, which can lead to a record deal. Outside of this, we’ve had a handful of artists tell us they love using Hive for inspiration and simply finding new music to listen to.

The app itself is clean, elegant, and modern… Who designed it?
Our designer, Patrick Henke designed the app. We wanted to create something that had very few distractions, and had a very specific purpose – connect great artists to future fans as quickly as possible.

What about the other busy bees there? Tell me about your current team and what’s keeping you all in sync.
Our team consists of Andrew Savitz, who handles most of the business/operations; Patrick Henke, who does the design work; Erik Zamudio, who helps with marketing and user acquisition; Todd Kunsman, who helps with industry connections and getting artists on board (he started his own music blog called Oh So Fresh! in 2010); Aidan Wolf who is our developer; and Maddie McNeil, our newest addition to the team, who helps with marketing and sales. A lot of the team works part time, and remotely. We are always going back and forth via text messages and phone calls to stay in sync and keep taking Hive to the next level.

The mobile app is only a few months old (congrats!). Can you talk about what next moves are now that you’ve launched? How can we help?
There are a few ways in which you can help Hive continue to grow and help small artists: we are always looking for new artists and listeners to use Hive – the more users we have, the greater the value Hive can provide for everyone involved; connections to record labels and anyone in the music industry – we are working to secure a partnership with a record label to take Hive to the next level, so any connections are greatly appreciated. If you want to help in the above ways, want to help in another way, or just want to chat, feel free to shoot an email to!

Personally, I really dig this app because it allows me to get put on new artists quickly in way that is the slickest. When you spend a great deal of time sifting through endless streams of music, it’s nice to have something that sends some real stuff through that keeps me swiping happily to the right.

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