Coveted Contraband Artist: Chase Henny INTERVIEW

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Chase Henny
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY and Seattle, WA
Born in California and raised in Brooklyn, NY until 2005, he then moved to Seattle. Now living in Federal Way, he’s finally found his sound and its finally coming together.




Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…”: summertime vibes and palm trees.

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
Poetry is the base of my inspiration, I started off recording spoken word back in 2011

What crew do you roll with? I’ve been linked with my guy Anthony Eugene, Yohiness, Jay Morrison and the Yankn, Big Homie Spac3man, my homie Fatal Luciano, Dyllyn Greenwood (Dopest Videographer Out) and many more

Who are your go to producers? I’ve worked with LA Chase and Leo Beats, hopefully soon Elliot Eide, Vitamin D and the homie Bean One!! Legendary!!!

What other special talents can you throw down? I started off with poetry then I turned it in to rapping. I’ve now stretched my arms out more and started to sing more on my tracks. I’m also a pretty dope graphic designer!

What separates you from the rest?
Ambition separates me from the rest. To be honest, I was born into a family that was worth millions. My pops was a millionaire. However in 2001 when the towers collapsed we lost everything, shortly after I lost my father. I went broke, couldn’t even afford 25cents to buy a drink. Which is why I thank the streets for helping me make it this far! Grind and ambition is like non other.

Next moves: I just released a singled called Seasons with Anthony Eugene, the video is now on YouTube. I’m set to release a track called Kissing Madonna with a video shortly after (Shot by Dyllyn Greenwood)
I have another track with Alex Vining called Worth It coming soon and hopefully she’ll agree to make a video as well. The moves are heavy and fast, we working!

Twitter: @ChaseHenny
Instagram: /ChaseHenny
Snapchat: Chvsehenny

3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:
1. Chase Henny – Wrong
2. Chase Henny & Anthony Eugene – Seasons
3. Chase Henny – Kissing Madona (unreleased)


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