Coveted Contraband Artist: D. Mikey

In any underground market, certain goods become hot commodities and The Blow Up’s Black Market is no exception to that economic rule. Each week we’ll bring you the ‘Coveted Contraband’ from The Black Market (based on your ratings).
Check out this week’s gem D. Mikey and continue to light 1-5 stars for future submissions so they can separate themselves as highly coveted contraband!


Artist Name: D. Mikey
Hometown: Oak Harbor, Washington
Just a chill cat rapping out of Seattle by way of Oak Harbor trying to find his way through the world by expressing himself through music. From freestyle sessions in early high school, to being on the radio in college, to running with BOC, D. Mikey has always gravitated towards music for the vibe and energy it can give and what you can receive from it.

Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…”
A mix of Curren$y and Joey Badass”

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
The older homies freestyling at the basketball courts or in parker hall at lunch in high school.

What are some goals you have set for yourself?
1.To make music a (somewhat) full time gig by 2018
2. Make BOC the top crew
3. Play Festivals

What crew do you roll with?
BOC music

Who are your go to producers?
1800 (produced my album) and M-Pyre

What other special talents can you throw down?
Nice with a camera, a tiny bit of singing ability, crazy rolling skills, with a smidgen of cooking skills thrown in the mix.

What separates you from the rest?
We don’t have the same aspirations.

Next moves:
Show at Studio Seven on January 22nd. (Tickets available now at
Connect with other artist. Continue pushing the album, doing shows, and getting back in the studio to work on the next project.

Where can we find you (online links – social media)
Snapchat: @d.mikey

3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:
Grapes (Prod. 1800)

Hol’ Up (Prod. 1800)

Slow (Prod. 1800)

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