Coveted Contraband Artist: JuJu Twist x Mr. HI-DEF

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Artist: JuJu Twist x Mr. HI-DEF

Tell us who you are…
JuJu Twist: My name is JuJu Twist, my flow and style are pretty unpredictable kind of like a Tornado and that is how I got my nickname Tornado Twizzy.


Mr. HI-DEF: My name is Henry Dubar aka MR. HI-DEF, I’m a 25 y.o rapper from Seattle. I’ve been pursuing music for about 6 years now. Art is my first passion, so it’s incorporated into everything I do musically. I’ve put out many projects and slowly gained a following by staying true to myself and appreciating those who represent the movement I’m pushing.


Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…”
Mr. HI-DEF: East coast delivery, southern influence, westcoast flavor, and PNW attitude. I have favorite artists who inspired me from different regions so I’m influenced by people like Drake, Juicy J, Kanye West, Lloyd Banks, Lil Wayne & Lil B. I have others that influenced my style, but those are the ones who directly affected how I crafted my flow & delivery.

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
JuJu Twist: I started making music to cope with a hard time i was going through in life in all aspects and it was the therapist that help free my mind and heal my heart.

Mr. HI-DEF: Hard times, nobody to really express my deepest & darkest thoughts. My uncles played rap music all the time for me so I was exposed to it at an early age. Then my mother would play Reggae, R&B, Pop & African music. I use to watch a lot of wrestling growing up so rock & alternative were also a big part of my come up.


What crew do you roll with?
JuJu Twist: I’m currently not involved in a crew but I gotta give a s/o to some that I rock with….big ups to Black Umbrella, Moor Gang, Swag Kamp, FML, First Class, Yatchz, and anybody else I’m forgetting y’all i know i got love for lol.

Mr. HI-DEF: I do not rock with anyone else’s crew per say. I created my own brand and crew. I call it “100K”. I have a clothing brand called “100K LIFESTYLE”. I’ve done many collaborations and shows with other crews in Seattle though. I could list these crews but I’d rather show who I’ve worked with by releasing the music, so I still have the surprise factor. But if I can give a hint, I’ve definitely been in the studio and the the big venues with some of seattles elites. I’m also very close with the most popular DJs in Seattle. DJ Swervewon, Tony Goods, Justin Hartinger, Qreepz, DJQJ, Krescendo, Lourawk etc.

Who are your go to producers?
JuJu Twist: My producers I work closely with are Rob Skeetz, Capo the Producer, SAT, Ray Shinez, and gunna start working with Keyboard Kid as well.

Mr. HI-DEF: I have several producers I’ve worked with over the years. NY Bangers (Young M.A. “OOOUUUU”, Ric & Thadeus (Bryson Tiller; Kevin Gates), ID Labs (Wiz Khalifa), Real Talk Inc (G-Unit). But I’m also working with Seattle producers as well like, Keyboard Kid, Jay Battle aka Qreepz & Rob Skeetz to name a few.

What other special talents can you throw down?
JuJu Twist: As well as hip-hop, I can also sing(a lil bit lol) and pretty good at sports.

Mr. HI-DEF: I’m a cinematographer as well. I’ve directed/edited over 30+ music videos on my own. I’m seasoned with photoshop, so I create my own artwork and graphics for flyers, album covers, and social media promotion etc. I do web design as well. Not a professional by any means, but I made my website by myself. Those are my strongest talents aside from writing/recording music, but I’m always learning and trying to take on new challenges every week.

What separates you from the rest?
JuJu Twist: What separates me(but also gets me hella criticized) is i dont bend to the trends….i make trends bend to my character, I guess and I’m not afraid to say what i feel even if im ostracized for it.


Mr. HI-DEF: There is nobody in Seattle who has the type of sound that I do. I’m influenced by so many different regions/genres and I’m constantly watching interviews online and reading articles on Hip-Hop/Rap/R&B to educate myself. I’m always reinventing myself and branding myself to stay relevant and with the times. I can sing and rap. Direct videos from scratch myself and fully market myself online and In person effectively. Im very versatile, and I consider myself an MC at heart.

Next moves:
JuJu Twist: My next moves will be putting out a lot of different kinds of music in the upcoming year and doing shows in other areas.

Mr. HI-DEF: I plan on dropping new music for free every week until 2017. A mixtape and EP, singles on iTunes and Spotify. New music videos, headlining show, and huge collabs with Keyboard Kid & Jay Battle. I have a lot going on right now.

Where can we find you (online links – social media)
JuJu Twist:

Snapchat: misterhidef534

3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:
JuJu Twist: Tornado Twizzy


Mr. HI-DEF: The Trap

We Good

Patience Is Virtue

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