Coveted Contraband Artist: Kenz

In any underground market, certain goods become hot commodities and The Blow Up’s Black Market is no exception to that economic rule. Each week we’ll bring you the ‘Coveted Contraband’ from The Black Market (based on your ratings).
Check out this week’s gem Kenz and continue to light 1-5 stars for future submissions so they can separate themselves as highly coveted contraband!


Artist Name: Kenz
Hometown: Bothell, WA
I’m a 16 year old artist born in America. But my childhood took place on an island. Yeah.

Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…” A chill drive during either a sunset or sunrise with their crush

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
I couldn’t speak English when I was younger so I never got into reading like the other students. So instead I drew, sang, and made picture books. Eventually, I started falling in love with art in general and started experimenting with lyrics.

What are some goals you have set for yourself?
Graduate high school and go to the Art Institute of Seattle to excel in what I do.

What crew do you roll with?
I hang with a lot of suburban white kids. I love them.

Who are your go to producers?
Elan Wright as for now.

What other special talents can you throw down?
I produce beats, draw, write movie scripts, ghostwriting, make dope houses in minecraft, and I guess I can sing a little. Working on it though.

What separates you from the rest?
My music is a combination of multiple genres. There’s a song for every taste.

Next moves:
Do more shows, and release fire singles.
I’m starting a collective. Be on the lookout for that.

Where can we find you (online links – social media)
3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:

Divine Feat. Dave B


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