Coveted Contraband Artist: KraymerGdot

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Artist Name: KraymerGdot
Hometown: Everett /Resided in Bellingham since I was 18 in 2009
I am a 26 year old, living in Bellingham . I represent Milk + Honey Crew out of Bellingham. I have a passion for anything music related, and making connections with like-minded people.

Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…”
Well since I don’t make any originals, when you hear me Dj, you’re more than like going to hear ignorant rap bangers, and Atlanta/Trap.

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
I just started DJing recently. I’ve been around the Bellingham/Seattle music scene for a few years, so I decided I should start mixing to add something else to my repertoire lol.

What are some goals you have set for yourself?
Some personal goals are to mix/practice/record for at least an hour a day.
And to also play at least 50 shows in 2017.

What crew do you roll with?
I’m apart of Milk + Honey which is a promotional and music collective out of Bellingham Washington. We’ve had artists such as Ekali, Gravez,Fortune, Luca Lush, Alexander Lewis , along with some artists based out of Seattle such as Dave B , Quincy James (FKA DJQJ) , Sango , Sean Cee , DJ Swerveone , Blueyedsoul, Beeba etc. for our Monthly night called ‘ 💯’at The Wild Buffalo.

Who are your go to producers?
Some of my Favorite producers at this time are probably Sango, Ekali, and Metro Boomin

What other special talents can you throw down?
Ummmm, my talents include making the best out of every situation & trying to be happy 24/7 lol.

Where can we find you (online links – social media)

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