Coveted Contraband Artist: Mojo Barnes

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Artist: Mojo Barnes
Hometown: Southend Seattle, Washington
I was born and raised in Seattle.
Music became a way to express how my daily life was going.
Hail Satan.

Finish this sentence: “When people hear me, they’re probably going to think of…”
Old heads. Cause I like old head music.


The white devil himself Eminem

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
Watching musicians on tv. I wanted to taste that fame so badly.

What crew do you roll with?
Alchemy Union.

Who are your go to producers?
Golden Master
Hekl the Mad Scientist
Ronnie Rain

These are all people I’ve recieved beats from locally. Homegrown is the best.

What other special talents can you throw down?
I can sing a little. I whoop everybody in tekken. Get at me on psn ish206 cause when that tekken 7 comes out im quitting rap to be pro in tekken.

What separates you from the rest?
I don’t know. Lol. I like bars. I like wordplay. I can’t get with this simple shit. Not that I don’t like some of what comes out cause when I’m drunk it all sounds good, but when I first started rapping there was just a higher regard for quality of lyrics. I can’t undo 10+ years of leveling up to try and strip myself bare to appease people for a year.

Next moves:
Im doing shows frequently.
Next show is Dec. 12 at the Funhouse also performing: Brakebill, MustIMind, Peace and Red Velvet, Dj Corndogg and Mamoon Abu

Currently cultivating music for a new album.
Building new relationships with more prominent names in Seattle.
Working so I can [pay] these bills and get a space for my gf and daughter to live.

Where can we find you? (online links – social media)

3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:
Say more by Deadmics is my shit.

Real Shit by Dj Corndogg

Knights of Zen by Zen Seizure

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