Coveted Contraband Artist: SB aka Supreme

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Artist: SB aka Supreme
Portland, OR
Call me SB or the Trill Nigga its some street niggas and homies who call me Preme///Supreme, that’s how I ended up with the name of SB aka SUPREME, the preme stands as a superior not the clothing it’s all love. I’m currently living in Portland trapping out my set getting to a check! MoneyOnMyMental, my debut is coming!
They say “SB GO CRAZY.” I’m Known for goin crazy crazy at all my shows, wit my trill 1s!

What sparked your inspiration for a music career?
SB, the Trill Nigga of course! Naw haha but maybe Big Sean, he influenced growing up and getting in from the bottom while staying fresh as hell ! out of Detroit to which is where my roots are from, I was born in the Rip City, Portland. Just know (Imma A PORTLAND NIGGA/Town biz.) I’ll never forget meeting up wit Sean.. Portland, 2013 at the Finally Famous Tour and getting a Lions tee from his finally famous clothing line, D-Town x Portland luv. Just copping mad Nikes living and trapping In Portland. rhyming about these preme collabs and retros and shit I got a love for, and mad passion for what my city creates and I put it in my heart and voice now. (1, 2 ,3 , and 4!) OG 1s are my favorite, I got line after line for that sneaker. COME AT ME LOL, Portland nigga!

What crew do you roll with?
I roll wit ma Clique DG which means DopeGang we been doing it for years!

I rock wit others NW cliques shotout THRAXXHOUSE, CNSR, SQD, BeenDead, and my TNO(trust no one entertainment) bros of course, it all love

Who are your go to producers?
Ma family C-Sick we got a whole tape together coming sooner than you think! Money On My Mental But I also rock wit TR , YT808, Lab Cooks, SHK THT, BravoDomo, and BasedKash the Fam only 🤘🏿

What other special talents can you throw down?
I may smoke a ton of backwoods but I’m still liable to give you a triple double any night on the basketball court, Don’t let the music or scene fool you very smart I can school the best in some chess. 1 of the best NBA 2k players in the United States ball like Dame Lillard, Portland!

What separates you from the rest?
Everything from the sound to the fashion on me, SB is a 1 of 1.

Where can we find you?

Bookings/Features: Email

   3 fave tracks right now:

MOTL by SB aka Supreme(trill of course)
Just Might by Rich The Kid
Meant To Be by Big Sean
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