Coveted Contraband Artist: Triip Cooliin

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Artist: Triip Cooliin
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
I was born in Port St. Lucie, FL, was raised and spent most of my days on the west side of Tampa, FL (Shout out Tampa Bay). I moved to Seattle, WA summer of 2007, after a few years here I found my love for music and being pursuing a career at it. When I’m not working on music I’m most likely clocked in at work, listening to music, networking/connecting with new producers, cooliin with the homies, at home gaming, on cap hill bar hopping, meditating on some Seattle green, just out here living life litty.

Finish this sentence: “When people hear me they’re probably going to think of…”
What it feels like to be in love or love again, that feeling that overcomes you before a nights out turn up, or probably think of just relaxing and keeping things cooliin away from the drama of life and reality. Just some of the ways people may relate to the vibes and feel of my music. I don’t really have one specific style, I kind of like it that way.

What sparked your inspiration in music?
Ah man I remember it like it was yesterday. Back in Florida growing up I used to sing in the choir at church. I also sung in my elementary school’s choir as well. I remember my music teacher offering to drive out 30 minutes to pick me up for choir practice when I didn’t have transportation. She just wanted me to have the opportunity to keep singing that bad I guess(can’t remember her name but I appreciate her). After school I would link up with my older brothers and friends for cyphers, I’d usually beat box while they spit freestyle. So I’ve always been around the culture, It’s wasn’t until one day after school freshmen year when my best friend Sean McDaniel yelled ” YO LETS START A RAP GROUP” across about 200 yards after we just parted from the locker rooms after football practice. That moment was epic, my best friend David Softli was standing next to me, we both looked at one another like yup. That same night I spent the night at David’s house and we smoked chilled, thought of our first rap names, grabbed some composition notebooks and starting writing to instrumentals we found online. That’s the night I decided to start rapping and form a rap group called FLOW Boys. Before I started writing raps I had a notebook full of verses, choruses, hooks, for R&B style songs, so I had already been used to coming up with melodies and harmonizing. When I started adding raps to that, thats when music really got fun for me. The night I spit my first freestyle David was the only person around to hear me and he glad out said, “bro, you suck shut up” and then we laughed so hard about it. Little did he know I was in my head plotting. That was all the motivation I needed to keep trying, I mean what can I say it was the first I even tried. Half way through high school I really started focusing and getting serious with music. Drop a few tracks during high school and my peers were digging what we was laying down. All that support gave me more motivation to really just do it, so I kept at it.

What crew do you roll with?
FAR Squad Orion Gang – Forever Above Reality, FSOG for short || V$ODE till I’m gone.
(Shout out Skyblue Collective\m/)

Who are your go to producers?
I’m really not a pretentious person but, I can’t wait to answer this question again someday and say Myself. I’ve worked with many producers, some local and some out of the state. My go to producer right now is my high school mate Mello Papi

What other special talents can you throw down?
Acting, I really love acting but, I think I sleep on that fact mostly because I focus on music. I speak Haitian Creole and can understand French, some wouldn’t say those are talents but I consider them as two of mines. I have a low key passion for being behind the camera maybe taking photos, I always love a great shot and possibly directing some day maybe when it comes to making my first music video.

What separates you from the rest?
I feel like a chameleon when it comes to music, there’s so many different types of sounds that I can blend with and make. I believe in staying true to yourself by just simply being original, always. I’m very conscious, I realize space is always going to be created for the next generation.. the future, I am the future, we are the future. Knowing you have a place and a chance to be something is only just scratching the surface really. What separates the greats from the talent and mediocre is the relentless work ethic it takes to be successful. I love music, I know I want this bad, I’m Skyblue and just have the will of fire to get it and to be somebody. I tell em like this… If there’s a will, then there’s a way, and I will so damn hard that a way find me. Law of attraction talk. It’s inevitable. Don’t sleep on the grind.

Next moves:
I released my debut project the “C4-C.i.T.T.G.” EP this year on 07/17/C416 (2016), what’s next? Well, I’m currently working on few features with some local artists from the 206-425 area for future projects and singles. In the next month I have a few new songs I plan to release following the EP. With all that going on I’m connecting with familiar and new producers to release my second project late Spring 2017. No actual release date yet but please do stay tuned and connected so you don’t miss the chance to hear some more great music. Plotting on my first music video as well. Lots of new content and material coming soon, fucks with me. It’s only the beginning. Much love to everyone that took the time to read up on this article and thank you to the BlowUpCo and my fans for making this possible for me. Don’t forget, YOU THE BEST.

Where can we find you?

Snapchat – @triipcooliin

3 definitive tracks or favorites right now:
I don’t think these songs define who I am but, I relate to them and these are some of my favorite tracks right..

Got It From – Dave B

Hi Roller – LIL UZI VERT

Ocean Drive – 21 Savage

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