Don’t Forget The Weed: A Chat w/ 40oz Van + Recap Video

We can all learn a thing or two from 40oz Van. He’s a hustler, he’s humble, and he keeps it 100 at all times. From manufacturing hats, to capitalizing on social media to level up his brand, Van knows what it takes to ‘blow up’ in this digital world. I was lucky enough to sit down with the Bronx native during his latest stop here in Seattle to talk about another thing he’s truly mastered, a good ass fuckin’ party. Get his advice on what elements are needed for a dope turn up and also see why he thinks the West Coast keeps it more lit than the East Coast!

Photos by The Trapographer

CC: What city knows how to get it poppin?
Van: The most-most lit? That’ll be a couple cities, but the craziest one so far, man, LA. LA’s Crazy!

What’s so poppin about it? Is it the females? Is it the vibe?
It’s like a combination of everything, plus you know it’s the perfect type of weather. It’s kinda like out here. The Bay too! (Note: It was a Sunny ass day in Seattle)

Are they outdoor parties?
Half and half. Some of ‘em are outdoor. Some of ‘em are indoor. It just depends on the venue and the season. I think the West Coast turns up a little more than the East Coast.


What’s the craziest party you’ve attended, that wasn’t one of your own events?
Craziest party I’ve ever attended was probably one of The Fools Gold ones that A-Trak throws.

Where was that?
I was in Miami. He does something called “Fools Gold Day Off”. It’s TURNT.

What are the 5 elements to a good party?
Venue. Crowd. Promoters. DJs. & The Weed & The Liquor. That’s 6!

What is your favorite song, at this very moment?
Probably something from Kamaiyah. I fuck with Kamaiyah heavy right now. Kamaiyah fire.

What 3 up and coming artist should we look out for?
Playboi Carti, Uno the Activist and Levi Carter.

What is the ultimate party foul?
Not bringing the weed. Someone always has to bring the weed.


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