Drae Slapz & Nick B “Oh GAWD” EP

By: Lauren Royer

Hey Portland… how you feelin out there? Last time I heard from you, your own Mic Capes came and did the DAMN thang out in Seattle for TheBlowUp’s BDay. But I gotta say you’re lookin and sounding real good from where I’m standing. This is due to the latest EP dropped by wiz Producer Drae Slapz and Vocals by Nick B: “Oh Gawd”.

These dudes are both fragrant lil flower buds out of the City of Roses- but their sound in this EP is far from the sweet smell of a rose. This EP slaps, kicks, and bites! It’s fun, vibey, and is something different catchy. They are definitely onto something with this EP, it’ll have you mouthin’ words along with it too. It’s clear this collab was done totally in unison. Nick B seems to move effortlessly within the heavy sound Drae Slapz has created- creating a dope vibe.

So smash play for a minute on this and read what Drae Slapz said about the project.

How did the collab between yourself and Nick B first go down?
Nick reached out to Brookfield Duece via Instagram exactly a year ago today asking about producers, engineers, etc. he should work with. When he reached out to the shortlist that Duece sent him, I was one of the few that responded.

After linking up for a couple of studio sessions I saw amazing talent and potential in him. During the time, I was in the process of starting Rare Vibe Records and reached out to him to be apart of it. We’ve been rocking ever since.

Describe what your favorite track on the EP means, go deep.
My favorite track on the project is the intro and lead single R.O.Y (Rookie Of The Year) because it speaks truth about the both of us though Nicks rapping from his perspective. Right before this song was written, we were in the studio doing radio drops for our songs “Moves”, “Daytona” and “Sunday” with Brookfield Duece. Nick went to SXSW after a few weeks of recording and was selected to go to New York with Team Backpack. We felt like so much had been accomplished in a short period of time to the point where we literally felt the the rookies of the year. It’s also one of his more melodic hooks. You can just feel the energy and sense of triumph in the record.

How connected were your creative proccesses during the creation of this? How long did it take to create?
Creatively we literally put this project together. R.O.Y and GameTime were beats that made by myself but made edits and updates as Nick wrote. Oh Gawd and Trill Walk were done together from the first instrument through the mastering process. Brookfield Duece also played a huge part in the project. As another set of eyes and ears, you can say that he A&R’d this joint.

To create the entire project took about 2 months. That includes making the beats, writing, getting features, recording, mixing, mastering, sending to a trusted group of people and remixing/mastering. Afterwards we sat on it for a while to work on the artwork, merch, videos and marketing.

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