Gifted Gab “Gab The Most High” Album Review

By: Carrick Wenke



There is no doubt in my mind that when Gifted Gab drops a project, it’s almost guaranteed that the follow up is in high demand immediately. That’s how it is for myself and everyone else who has been biting their fingernails in anticipation of her next full length follow up since March 2014’s masterpiece Girl Rap. When you first get ready to listen to Gab The Most High, you should be aware that Gab stay’s true to the 70’s Mack game, whether it be based on the cover (which brings back thoughts of her very own 70’s themed “Playaz Ball”) or whether it’s based off the funky old school intro where Devlin Dinish chimes in as “Yadidi” and proclaims “Awww Yeah! It’s Me! The one with the preparation for the penetration, Yadidi, only if you got the money for the honey”.


The albums kicks off with the bouncy “Lady Of Leisure”, which we were blessed with months ago as the lead off single which was guaranteed to be a crowd banger upon seconds of it hitting the net. Do you remember when Gab and JayB first linked up on Girl Rap and G-Shit with “Troubleman”, “Shame In You”, “One In A Million” (just to name a few), and she showed us she’s not only a lethal MC, but can tap into her inner TLC and sing? Look to “Show You Right” for the next staple in that iconic partnership.

If there’s anyone in Seattle that loves the 90’s more than I do, (shout out to Gab using the font from Martin for the header on her project, I just realized that), it’s Sk8God. If there’s anyone that I know loves the 90’s AS MUCH as Sk8God, it’s Gab, so the fact that they finally were able to get together on “Same Shit/Different Day” and create a smooth summer jam to smoke to is legendary. I haven’t heard of Mic Capes before, but I can’t think of anyone else I would have rather heard say “You are not Suge Knight, You do not gang bang, you do not cook white”, on the track than him.


When I saw that there was a track on here entitled “Piece Of My Love” I knew I was gonna like it. Even though most of the Rap I listen to at this point focuses on turning up, I’m a wild sucker for a song with “love” in the title. Upon the song fading in and catching what sounds to me like a D’Angelo sample (one of my favorite artists, if you see this, get Gab on a track D’Angelo), I went into full swoon mode. I feel like I need to dedicate this to a special someone on the radio. In the meantime I’ll just show it to my Mom cause she rock’s with Gab and I know she’ll bump this, easy.

Ok. When you get to Track 9, “Lit” you’re going to hear Gab utilizing a vocal effect instrument during the song. THAT’S NOT AUTOTUNE. That’s a talk box, which was made popular by artists such as Roger Troutman & Zapp, and Peter Frampton. I wanna say I read somewhere that the first big hit with a talk box was in 1974 when Rufus & Chaka Khan dropped that banger “Tell Me Something Good”, but I could be wrong. You literally have to put a tube in your mouth and sing with it in, so Gab officially shitted on everybody when she incorporated that into a modern day song.


Towards the end of the album, Gab turns things back up with “Gettin’ Smokay” featuring Moor Gang General Jarv Dee, chills things back out with “Change Your Mind”, taps into her inner Wu Tang influence on “Sonny”, and proclaims “Why you mad bitch? I’m a hot commodity”.

In short, I needed to listen to this album, you need to listen to this album, everyone needs to listen to this album.

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