Go DJ, That’s My DJ: DJ Marvelous


We’re introducing some of the hottest DJ’s this game has to offer through our new series “GO DJ, THAT’S MY DJ!”. Get to know these up and comers and enjoy a new playlist each week!

DJ Name: DJ Marvelous
Location: Federal Way, WA
DJ for: Jay Morrison, Lil Ripp, and Nyles Davis
Twitter: @Djmarvelous94
IG: @Marthemarvelous_


When did you start your DJ career?
I started my DJ career about 2 years ago while attending WSU. I really wanted a way to get know people around so I chose to DJ because my friends in high school would always ask me what the hottest songs are or to make the playlist for all the parties. I’ve always admired the crowd control a DJ would have and how they feed off the DJ’s energy. I wanted to be that guy everyone had their eyes on.

What 3 artist are you currently slapping during your personal time?
The 3 artist I currently been listening to are Curren$y, Dave B, and Joey Bada$$.

If you could go on a DJ tour, who would you invite?
If I could go on a DJ tour, I would have to take the homies for sure because I can’t turn up without them and it wouldn’t be the same without them. I would also have to bring Curren$y because he is going to come with all the dope and I feel like he’ll be hella chill to kick it with. Lastly I would have to bring Metro Boomin. The way he be turning up on stage is the same exact way I like to. We would be lit.

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