GO DJ, THAT’S MY DJ: Introcut

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We were introduced to Introcut as he provided the soundtrack for our ‘Dad Hat Launch Party‘ at Throwbacks NW a few weeks ago. He definitely knew what he was doing and had the cuts flowing all night. Get to know the busy Seattle based DJ below!

Name: Inrocut
Location: Seattle, WA
Residency: Stop Biting” every last Tuesday at The Lo-Fi
+ Apart of DJ crew “Trashy Trash DJ’s
+ “Wednesday Rotation” at Nacho Borracho
+ Rotating Fri/Sat at The Hideout Art Bar
Links: Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp & Mix Cloud


Describe your DJ style in one word. “Introcut”.

What are your 3 favorite tracks you play to get the crowd hype? Sorry can’t tell you my secret weapons 🙂 I guess it all depends on what bpm/ tempo or style of party I’m playin.

Finish this sentence: “If I weren’t DJ’ing, I would probably be…” Just chillin, havin fun. Traveling with around my lady to see family in the Bay Area and Kauai, hangin with friends cookin BBQ, collecting records/ cookin food, making beats and new tracks, reading books, playing old school Nintendo and other awesome stuff!



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