How Artists Build On Instagram

By: Lauren Royer

InstaG is the only form of social media I still fuck with heavy. If you haven’t noticed, this world is VERY much visual and VERY much electrically social now. Ok ok ok so it’s like that then? You bet- and how your Instagram looks and feels is a reflection of your sound. Instagram is a tool and important aspect of your career: it connects you with the right people. The right people in this case are tastemakers, photographers, videographers, music venues, stage managers, graphic designers, artists, writers, and oh ya…fans. So I’ll say it again, how your feed looks shows all those people who you are as a professional and as a person. That’s heavy bruh.

You want to build? Start with building a feed that is just as polished as your sound with these tweaks.

What the hell do you do?
If I’m just scrolling through searching for my next favorite #NorthDakotaRapper and I come across your IG feed and it’s NOT clear you’re an artist… You’ve just lost a fan, possible publicity from a writer, or a collab. Even heavier bruh! All it takes is labeling yourself an artist/musician in your settings. You can throw it in your bio or ball out as a business profile (make it official). Either way, there won’t be doubt the next time someone comes across your ish about what you do.

Dope handle name
To get the soon-to-be homies onto your feed you’ll need a slick handle. Usernames are not all that crucial in the big picture but they play a part. Make your handle your artist name if possible, and have it be something easy to find/spell. That’s the biggest part of piecing it together for people to find you as an artist. Something unique or memorable is ideal, yeah. It’s hard to do but at least IG lets you change this right?

If you’re making visuals that are just so poppin’ I have to follow the Link In The Bio to find out more, you’re doing it right. This is winning. If it’s some wavy stuff that I’m seeing, I’m gonna tap for volume to hear that snip of your song. If your guy makes dope graphics to help you promote your next gig, hire him on the regular. Hop on trends while they’re still trending because it makes people laugh hella. There are a few ways you can approach it, just make sure you do what’s keen for you.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 at 7.54.28 PM

Street Credz
Photographers, artists, and other creative based businesses always include their website info. This is to back up your credibility and dedication to your craft. By throwing links into the mix, you can weed out the lames and the fakes and they’ll be able to weed you out too. Don’t let it go down like that. If there’s nothing connecting people to your Soundcloud why the hell should I believe you make music? Nah, that’s where you lose me. Getting your account verified with that little blue check mark symbol is not a terrible idea either. All I see is “official” flash through my head.

Format and Content
Clean, aesthetic-focused, different, vibey feeds do 100 in IG land. It’s a land where people want to take in beauty and laugh real quick. You’ll want your shit to be hip. It could be as simple as posting memes and sprinkling in some dope visuals. Have a witty caption and keep the hashtags hidden if you can. Check other profiles and see what the pros are doing and follow. Also, avoid repetitive posts… if you do too many selfies I’m gonna get tired of your face (probably). If your content isn’t fresh, the staleness will be having people unfollow. Outch.

Mesh with your fans here. Get to know them and know what they like. What are they fucking with lately? Cause if you know, you can stay in their heads and hearts where you want to be. Like their comments, thank them for the support, and keep them in the loop. Since Instagram allows you to be social in so many ways, you can and should talk to other artists, photographers, and errybody. Don’t just follow to unfollow either, that’s not cool man. Networking goes down in the DM’s every second you spend reading this post. Like go get it now, damn.

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