How To Get Your Sh*t Together

By: Lauren Royer
Cover art by: Nickhole Arcade

Rise and shine babes! It’s officially Spring, time to open your winter eyes and shake your tailfeathers. It’s the time of year when your energy creeps back in, things start moving, and people get started on projects. It definitely wouldn’t hurt your pre-hustle to get organized though. If you take some time to get things sorted it can leave more room for creative flow. Plus, if you’re not a fan of using energy for bullsh*t, being organized gives you more energy for what matters most. Basically, any lane you’re walking as an artist, photographer, dancer, blogger, etc. Some mental dusting is a damn good thang.

Here’s what you can do to get it poppin’ like poppies.

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Look at the next 3 months
Whatchu got goin?! I know you’re probably eager to get your ass outside and become a social butterfly but slow it down and make sure your schedule has some down-time in it. Arrange and line things up so it’s all smooth. Once things starts to slide your schedule could get trashed quick. Balance it out so you can still do you when needed.

Focus on your physical health
Days of hibernating and eating everything in sight are over boo. Get some physical activity in so your bod is working for you. You’ll sleep better and have energy to match the longer days to come.

Write down all the shit you need to get done
All of it. Even if it isn’t career related, get it all down and out so you can start marking it off. This is gonna help you with your schedule too. I’m hella old school and write stuff on a calendar and stick to it as best as I can. There are plenty of highly successful g’s that do this too.

Socials Sweep
Do you have some old weak stuff hanging around on Instagram? Maybe some tweets from a few years ago that could come back to haunt your career (lol)? Go through and clean it all out. Just delete messages to collabs that are never going down or photos that just don’t vibe with you anymore- same goes for people. Let that negativity go. While you’re in it, why not update some photos or contact info, add some things to make your profile pop. You’ll want to focus on the socials you’re using the most as an artist (including Soundcloud). Get it all scrubbed up squeaky.

Contacts, plugs, and baes
Go through your contacts/messages in your phone and see if there were any missed connections you meant to follow up on. Slide into the DM’s too. Don’t forget about email, you could find an old message that is waiting for a reply about an interview with TheBlowUp, b.

Check your equipment
Any hardware, sound systems, mics, instruments can use a once over. Does anything need to be repaired or fine tuned? Take some damn pride in your tools and clean them up. Same applies to your home studio! There’s nothing better for art/work than some feng shui. I’m willing to bet clutter with any of part of the process is going to change your sound.

Invest in something productive
Get yourself the fire-dope-ass business cards you’ve been eyeing. Shell out a little for your promo or press. Tickets to a networking type festival like Upstream or A3c. I’m gonna drop a shameless plug for Gigwell because that’s the kind of stuff that’s really going to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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