How To Make Money Off Your Music

MONETIZEA3C, the festival I like to label as the “Hip-Hop version of SXSW” doesn’t just wait until October to help put independent artist on game. They actually have a really insightful blog they run all year round and constantly feed artist and entrepreneurs information on how to better themselves in their careers and passions.

Though a majority of the artist are in it for the art, the truth is the art isn’t free. It takes money to make money, and we all want to make money, and lots of it. Check out this article I came across on how to monetize your music.

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Money Matters:
Having your own money will give you the most freedom. If you end up using someone else’s, just know you’ll have to pay it back in some form or fashion and that might even include a little control on your creative shit.

1,000 Fans Can Equal 100 Rack$:
It’s that simple. If you have 1000 loyal fans pay you $100 for some sort of project, show, or whatever creative concept you come up with, that can lead to some serious dough. The true moral of the story is CREATE A LOYAL FAN BASE, then sell those fans a really good product.

You Got a Hundred Ways to Get It, Choose One:
Streaming: There are about 7 digital distributors mentioned in this article. Find one that works for you and start makin’ money off those plays.

Sponsorship: The internet has made having “clout” the shit and so many have found ways to turn that into dollars. Show your worth and influence to these brands out here and get that bag. Even if all you can score is some free clothes, that will still help your pockets and your closet too.

Merch: Make your fans walking billboards by creating some dope merch that they’ll love to wear. There are also sites out there that will help create your pieces and help you sell it online too.

Live Shows: From opening up for someone to headlining your own show, if done right, this can really be lucrative. And if you’re really good at performing and can bring a crowd out, that can lead to touring, which again if done right, can make you some pretty good money.

Read more on how to Monetize Your Music on the A3C Blog and start gettin’ that paper!

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