How to submit content to “The Black Market”

We’ve been having a lot of great submissions to our Black Market section lately, but there has been some confusion on what is supposed to be filled out on the submissions page. Here are some instructions on how to properly submit your content:

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If all 5 requirements are not met, your material will not be posted.
(We also encourage you to only post your CURRENT material. Must be released within the past 3 months)

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1: In the box that says “NAME”, type in your artist name or alias or whatever name you go by officially. For example, if Drake was submitting music to us, he would type “Drake” in the name box.

2: In the box that says “EMAIL”, type your primary email that is used to contact you for business ventures, not a fake email you made to get a second free trial for Netflix.

3: In the box that says “LOCATION” put where you are currently located or base your music career out of. If you are in Seattle but originate in Miami, put “SEATTLE/MIAMI”

4: In the box that says “SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS/LINKS TO YOUR MEDIA” copy and paste important artist links that you may have. If you have an Instagram, add the link to your Instagram. If you have Twitter, add the link to your Twitter, etc.  You do not need to add anything else here, such as who you are, where you’re from, or for the world to watch out for you. That’s what Underground Hype is for.

5: In the box that says “Upload Your Image” only upload the image that pertains to the music you are submitting. If you are submitting a single, upload the cover you used for the single. If it is a Music Video on Youtube, take a screenshot from the video, not a screen shot of the video page, and Upload it. We do not need a picture of yourself or anything else in this box, just an image pertaining to the release.

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