Inside The Project: 1990. x LUNA GOD “1990. x LUNA GOD”

By: Carrick Wenke

While the debut project from 1990. originally came out back in November, better late than never, right? Teaming up with a producer/DJ whose name is quickly buzzing around the city, LUNA GOD, it’s actually fitting that I first became acquainted with 1990. at LUNA GOD’s house. From the opening bars of “Human Being” you get an almost Kanye-like piano experimentalism that comes to a halt after 1:30, and transcends into the more upbeat 2 part “Dreamwork”. Throughout the album none of the tracks styles are too similar, there is enough of a contrast for there to be something for everyone. 

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How did you choose the title of your project?
As far as choosing a title, I chose it how I choose everything in life. I listen to the universe. I listen for signs, clues, inspiration, and affirmation. Jay-Z once said to “never force anything…” so I take heed to that. I had plenty of names brainstormed for the project but none felt right or natural. Until I stripped everything down from the EP and realized that what was created was by Luna God and I. So that’s when I said well this project is just us and I’m new to the scene so let’s keep it real. That’s how I came up with 1990.xLUNA GOD. Plus after saving files with that name I started to like the way it looked and sounded. Just letting the name and idea flow into existence.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
The story behind the artwork is that I only fuck with people I believe in and who have a vision. If I believe in you I believe in you more than you do yourself. So I trust your vision and will let you do your thing because I trust you. That’s exactly what I did with my best friend Ron. He designs and I’ve watched him and his vision grown since 2009. That’s a living legend who I told “do what you do”. He wanted to use a laminated filter when he took the picture. Hold it in front of the lens. Give it like natural filter. We like to experiment.

How long have you been working on this project?
The thing about this project is that it came out last year early July. I’ve only been working on music for about 4 years now and Im still very very oh so very new to everything. So I have a lot of catching up and practicing to do. So this project was me taking my first shot at creating a piece of work and being able to make songs and a project with meaning to it. Before the project I had made plenty of songs but never put them out because I wasn’t pleased with them. I’m very proud of this project and LUNA GOD for seeing and helping the vision manifest. The project took about three to four months to complete. There is plenty of room to grow and you’ll see and hear it all this year. The project has a powerful message so you gotta run it back and listen with your third eye and open your mind.

Where was it recorded?
The whole project was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Ruby Room studio. Elan Wright did all the engineering work which I’m very grateful for. Shoutout Elan for being the talented and special human/musician that he is. Homies got good energy.

Who are the producers?
LUNA GOD LUNA GOD LUNA GOD LUNA GOD LUNA GOD LUNA GOD and all from scratch in his room. All them beats was made on a Tuesday, during our weekly meet ups. So shoutout LUNA GOD 🙂

Who was featured?
No features. Just LUNA GOD and I. I wanted to be able to hold my own the first time around. I had plenty in mind for the project but the universe never gave me any affirmation to make it happen. Except LUNA GOD somehow got Zayn on the second half of Uncle Sam.

What was your favorite track?
Favorite track would have to be probably “Wake Up” or “D4L”. Those two tracks I feel are really me, period.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
I would like to thank the universe and higher powers for giving me this vision. Jee and Shadi. MF LUNA GOD for believing. Elan Wright for his time and energy. Carrick for the opportunity to speak on the project.

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