Inside The Project: 2 Cup Slim “Cake City”

A new discovery out of the vastly talented Northwest music scene, 2 Cup Slim will have you wanting to roll up, po’ up and turn up. Get to know this North Seattle native in our latest installment of “Inside The Project”.

How did you choose the title of your project?
I’m from Lake City, Washington which is why we call it “Cake City” and I felt as though I was trying to speak for the North End of Seattle, which doesn’t get as much shine as the South, CD (Central District) and West. I’m basically giving people a dose of what goes on and how we “slice” (get down) or wiggle. We’re about cake, period.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
I go by 2 Cup Slim, and everybody that know me, know if you see me around town I’m probably going to have 2 cups in my hand. I’m not trying to glorify anything, that’s just been me for a while, and that’s how I’m living. We thought it would be dope to have it look like a slice of cake was being taken out of my flat top, which is also a visual metaphor for “giving you a piece of my mind” So the cover pretty much says my name and the album name visually.

How long have you been working on this project?
I would say 5 months. I had a project that I was going to put out before this but I scrapped the whole thing cuz I didn’t feel it was a good representation of me. Plus I’m always in the studio so I naturally cooked [up] a whole new project pretty quick that I was confident in.

Where was it recorded?
The whole project was recorded in the Ruby Room in North Seattle, which is ran by Elan Wright and Nima Skeemz. It’s also where Macklemore recorded “The Heist”.

Who are the producers?
Every beat on this project except about 4 records was produced by my in house producer CTS Beats. We’ve been cookin’ for a while so we click musically. We get in there and knock out like 3 beats in 4 hours and I’ll have hooks and verses. Besides him, Lexi Banks, Platinum Sellers, Purps On The Beat and my guy DJ El Grande. We’ve been rockin for a minute cookin’ up plottin’.

Who was featured?
My boy Livio on like 2 joints, Carey Stacks and Philthy Rich. They all helped make the project even doper. Not too many features, I wanted to talk to ’em myself on this one.

What was your favorite track?
I would say the “Intro” (first track) because I needed an intro track. I booked a session to do it, and CTS Beats made the beat in like 15 minutes. I hopped in the booth, blacked out and it came out lit. Hella energy and it was the best possible intro I could have done.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
Definitely my nigga Livio. I be so heavy in the streets sometimes I sluff on the music so he definitely pushed me to put this project out and helped me in every possible way. He definitely got the ball rolling, nothin but luv n respect for that. Can’t forget my boy CTS. Me and CTS spent countless nights cookin beats and sippin drank. Definitely past 10,000 hours so big s/o to him. My engineer Elan, he’s pretty easy to work with and has a great ear. El Grande for the inspiration and the drank cuz I couldn’t have done it without it, lol.

Where can we find you?
IG: @2cupslim
Twitter: @trillslimgreen
You can search and find This project on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Dat Piff, YouTube, Soundcloud and CD Baby

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