Inside The Project: All Star Opera “Shifting States”

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

Just in time for the end of fall-beginning of winter, Bohemian Hip Hop trio turned 6 piece band, All Star Opera brings us their second EP, the follow up to 2014’s Tie Dye Brain Cells, with 7 tracks of gripping instrumentalism and soulful rapping, Shifting States. 




“We all sat down as a band, all six of us, and answered this interview together.  Simultaneously.  In unison.  (just kidding on the simultaneous unison part).” – All Star Opera

How did you choose the title of your project?
We came up with the title based upon the desire to have the project represent change.  Next question…

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
If you look real hard, the main design in the forefront is an arrow.  The backing image is a sunset.  Those 2 images combined symbolize change to us.  The arrow pointing to the right; the setting sun – that is ‘Shifting States’ – We as a band shifted states this year evolving permanently from a 3 person hip hop group to a 6 piece hip hop band.  Shout out to Leo Shallat, he killed the calligraphy game with the arrow, and our guitar player, Will Greenburg, did the rest and worked magic in that Adobe Suite.

How long have you been working on this project?

A total of a year and a half.  We made a bunch of songs and chose our 7 favorites for the project.
Where was it recorded?
Many long nights at Purple Door Studios in Belltown aka downtown Seattle to you out of town folk.  We also recorded cello on “Give You This Feeling” at the legendary Robert Lang Studios in Shoreline.

Who are the producers?
The entire project was produced by our good friend, Crispy with additional production from All Star Opera.

Who was featured?
The first feature on the album is by Warm Gun – He actually plays a guitar part on Maroonedand sings on the hook for Lifeline.  On the last track, Easy Said, we were lucky to have up and coming singer, Sneha Aiyar, sing on the hook.  Not to forget, the talented Natalie Hall played cello on Give You This Feeling.

What was your favorite track?

Gyasi (vocals/trumpet): “Easy Said”
Keith (bass guitar): “Marooned”
Oz (vocals): “Shifting Statements”
Seth (keys/vocals): “Give You This Feeling”
Tylee (drums): “Marooned”
Will (guitar): “Shifting Statements”

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
First and foremost, Crispy. That’s our dude. He laid down the backbone of the production. Also thanks to Elan Wright, Kevin Bressler, Zack Olson, Warm Gun, Natalie Hall, Grimeshine, Andrew Savoie, Grandma’s Gallery – The Toyoda family for supplying a practice space where we can hone our craft. Thanks to Sesame Street for laying down the ground work of our moral fiber. Thanks to D-Sane, thanks to Rachel Bennett, thanks to JO Hardbody, and thank you to our fans, friends, and fam for continued support and motivation.

Your Future Friends,
All Star Opera
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