Inside The Project: BARZ! “Washinstonian”


BARZ!‘s new project “Washinstonian” will have all the stoners out there ready to light one up. Providing a good range of beats and complimenting features, the Tacoma, WA native also makes sure to provide the most important element to his content, the BARZ. Get the scoop on this new release in our latest “Inside The Project”!

How did you choose the title of your project?
I had a friend named Doug (RIP) say the term “Washinstonian” (a play on Washingtonian) and it stuck with me. I used the term in a song I made called “Match” and then people starting saying the term and even tattooing it. It was bigger than a bar at that point so it became the album name.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
I had an idea to flip the Washington state flag and make it marijuana friendly. Took the idea to an old friend, Steven Church, who has done majority of my illustrations, and he brought it to life. You’ll be seeing more of his work on my future projects.

How long have you been working on this project?
I originally recorded this project 3 yrs ago but my engineer at the time lost it. I ended up making new songs and rerecording 2 of the lost songs. It took almost a year to record.

Where was it recorded?
I recorded majority of this album with Phinisey at The Shop. I also did some recording & tracking with Brian Rowland at Cold Clock Studios.

Who are the producers?
I produced the majority of the songs on this album with Phinisey sometimes as a co-pilot. Outside of that, I worked with 1stBorn (cred. Dizzy Wright), Tryfe (cred. Freeway, MGK), and a few others. I outsourced for many different musicians for different roles as well. Guitar (lead/bass), DJing, talkbox, etc.

Who was featured?
I have Clyde Carson and the dab (not the dance) champion, Chris Crayzie, on a song called “dwiw”. I reached out to Nitty Scott, out of New York for “Moods/Smoke Break” and I also have old friends, MotaMouth Jones and Dice on the album. Outside of just vox, I have a band called From Heroes To Legends on the last song “502”. Their lead singer, Austin Dickey, is also pretty huge on YouTube. Look him up.

What was your favorite track?
I been so busy working on my next one that I haven’t picked a favorite. That’s the listener’s job.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
Every tree lit during the creative process and everyone involved in the process.

Web links?
Twitter: @jaybarz
Instagram: @itsbarz
Snapchat: beeayearezee

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