INSIDE THE PROJECT: Heatwave “Qrook$”

By the way of Vancouver, Canadian MC Heatwave gives us an inside look into his newest released project “Qrook$”.

How did you choose the title of your project?
Qrooks is a mentality. Pretty much we got denied so many times by trying to do it the right way that the wrong way became the right way for us. We just wanted to get onto the right shows and into the right parties – we did it by bullying our way in or finessing our way in. I’m not out here trying to tell people to be crooks or anything but I am telling people to take calculated chances and risks to get where you need to be life. That’s what we did and that’s why the project is called Qrook$.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
The cover was designed by Andrew Mendoza – he kind of interpreted my life. Then Brad Bidner of DUI Apparel made it digital. It’s just a reflection of things I had and needed at one point in my life. A smart pretty girl, dressing the part – being sharp. And that’s where it all started for me – in a bedroom. One room where we were scheming – the bando. Now I’ve progressed and moved up and that cover is a reflection of my past.

How long have you been working on this project? / Where was it recorded?
This project took maybe a year and a half. I was just living when I felt like it, like after a crazy day I would go record. I hit up Jus Kev’s studio a lot, he would drop a beat and I would write it right there and I had a track. When I made “Trillion” it was made on sight. We played a show in Vancouver – me, Spac3man and iLL Chris – after the show we went to studio and wrote and recorded that track. We filmed the video one day later. “Villains” with JD Era was also made on site. We felt like villains that night, had a crazy day and recorded that one at 4 in the morning. When I was taking my time, I would set up and record in the bando with Tony Mason – that’s how I made “Live Life”, “The Line” Tony Mason mixed it down & StuntMan did all the Mastering.

Who are the producers? / Who was featured?
Jonathan Hirsch produced a lot of Qrook$. I got Dip’z from France producing on “Live Live” with D-Menace on the feature. Tony Mason of course features on “Master P”. I have Torio Jones on “Cold In The Rain”. And JD Era, Tila Haze,Spac3man and iLL Chris on there as well.

What was your favorite track?
My favourite track is probably “Faded” – it’s chill, about smoking weed – I love weed. I’m sponsored and work closely with Canna Clinic and Redmed dispensaries in Vancouver. I support the medicinal marijuana movement. I like to get faded…often.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
I would like to thank you, Casey Carter. All my homies in Seattle – Spac3man, iLL Chris, D-Menace. Mike for connecting the dots. Shout out to Wrex, Ben 2 Loyal for always holding me down and always bringing me the fresh kicks – Kamikazes. Shout out Nils for always giving us a fly spot to crash. Shouts to the whole APM Gang – Airplane Mode. Shout out to all my East Africans, Joon Bug, Deli and all my Washington Blockstars. All my homies and friends in Vancity – you all know what it is. Blockstars, Dipt, Canna Clinic, Redmed. Shout out KassKills, David Dalley, HipHopCanada and HipHopVancouver. Shout out Red1 and The Rascalz. Most important – shout out to my family at home for always praying and believing in me.

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