Inside The Project: Jack The Spitter “HHIH”

By: Carrick Wenke

After a long year of working on not one but three different projects, Beaverton, OR resident and BBE representative Jack The Spitter decides to instead take the best tracks from the lot and create one collection known as HHIH. Named after a symbol Jack use to draw, and later got tatted on his arm, this 10 track piece displays his keen sense of dark melodies matched with impressive quick rhymes over a rare collection of beats.


How did you choose the title of your project?
“HHIH” was a stupid symbol I’d draw on my math book like junior year and then eventually became a stupid tattoo on my left forearm. I think it started out to mean “Had High-Ish Hopes”, or something but “Hope Hell Is Honest” sounds cooler. I relate to that phrase more.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
In the height of the Bones-era, me and my friend Will Wadhams (MegaGiant, h0dge) took a shitty iPhone photo in the woods. I just wanted it for instagram clout, but thank god he had a better vision for it, because the album cover is what made me finish this fucking thing.

How long have you been working on this project

I started three projects in the past year. All of them crumbled due to inadequacy, stress, or general disinterest. I took a lil slump break, had a good cry, and rounded up the best tracks from those. Then Gabe (Ghoulavelii) threw me like 4 beats for no reason. And mixed it. So shout out to that. 

This thing did take a long time. It’s been a challenge to get in the right space to be comfortable with it. I’d say it’s the culmination of the whole year and everything i was feeling and grossed out about at the time. Most of the tracks would involve editing for about a month. Except “Tinder”, that got made in like 45 minutes. 

Where was it recorded?
My closet baby.


Who are the producers?

Dicksqwd (IKA on soundcloud) made the intro. 

Gari from Tacoma made Lil Idiots

5peed$nail from Canada (Murder Is Not A Crime) made Hard Reset

ETHEREAL (from Awful Records) was the craziest one. Glad that beat fell into my lap

And of course Ghoulavelii AKA Big Bitter

Who was featured?

Preachernicky had the nastiest verse on the tape.  

Dari Loso had the best verse on the tape. 

Much love to both of them. 

What was your favorite track?

Hard Reset had the best outcome. I usually hate like 3 or 4 things about all my songs but that one I only hate like 2. 

Open Til 8. is the funkiest tho. If I ran into Diddy randomly i’d probably play him that.  

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?


My Mom

Everything i’ve ever been stressed out about

and 47

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