Inside The Project: JiggyJerms “20 Car Garage”

By: Carrick Wenke

After the release of his last EP Ride With Me towards the end of 2016, and spending the better part of 2017 dropping loosies and videos, Seattle newcomer JiggyJerms drops his 12 song album 20 Car Garage. There’s a couple familiar tracks on here (“No Reason”, “Drank”, “Solo Carpool”), but overall the whole album that was originally set to be 30 tracks, flows very graciously with smooth transitions from the light to the dark.


How did you choose the title of your project?
The title of my project is honestly where I wanna be in life. Cars have been a huge influence my whole life, I hands down got it from my dad. You know, I like Japanese cars and one day I hope to open up a garage in Japan, like a 20 car garage. Have hella cars, work on cars, just kinda do it for a living – not even really just a living, but for fun. I feel like music is a universal language and I feel like it has the potential to take people places and travel the world and stuff. I feel like one day this music stuff could take me to Japan.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
To be completely honest with you, that picture was actually random. One of my buddies asked if he could take some photos of me before I left work one day, and he took a total of 6 photos and that was one of them. I’m the one that put all the letters and stuff on it. B. from FTB, he’s the one that took that photo for me. It was funny because for the longest time I didn’t know how I wanted my album to look, like the artwork, but I feel like it just came naturally.

How long have you been working on this project?
My album I have probably – I was originally gonna do 30 songs, and I feel like the 12 songs that I chose out of all those are the best songs to help explain a story. It honestly started happening in November of last year. I made like 30 songs, 35 songs, and a majority of them are actually with Anvil. I chose to pick out the ones I thought would be the best to pick out the story of the album. The album was completely finished, recorded and everything from the studio, I wanna say in March.

Where was it recorded?
Undercaste Studios, with Lincoln as the engineer. Shouts out to Lincoln, man, my guy has a really good work ethic, great engineer. He definitely made recording the album a lot easier.

Who are the producers?
I have songs from Tres Bien, I got a song from DJ Young Kash, I have one song from Lysol, one song from Anvil. This guy Ol’Davi sent me a song that he told me I could just have, and it actually had his verse on it, it just needed my verse. He sent it to me just randomly and that was produced by Donato. This guy Slyvan produced a song on there called “I Need Bands”, we went to high school together. This diamxnds cat produced a couple songs on there. He actually reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to get on any of his beats and those were the two I chose.

Who was featured?
Solar Sam and my guy Ol’Davi formerly known as Saga Breeze, and Wes Diz.

What was your favorite track?
I wanna say – actually, I don’t know, to be honest. Each song is it’s own song. I like “Diamonds In The Rough” because it’s kinda the introduction to the album, it has a nice beat, and kinda prepares you for what you’re about to hear. The second song on there I really like too just because it’s different. It’s faster, it’s a little off beat. “Solo Carpool” and “Diamonds In The Rough Pt. 2” are probably my favorite on the album just because they were produced by my brother Trey, and me and him have been working together for a while so it’s nice to finally see the outcome of things between us.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
Honestly, everybody. I know I was talking about this album for a while and it never really happened but then I was getting a lot of support and a lot of good feedback from everyone that was around me and that definitely motivated me to take that next step. I can’t even say thanks to a specific person. Without all the producers, I wouldn’t have any beats. Without all the people from the past I wouldn’t have all those life experiences to write about. Without Lincoln, the album wouldn’t even be recorded. Without my videographer Coi, I wouldn’t have any music videos. Like I said, I can’t really thank a specific person. Even you for putting me on those shows, it means a lot.

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