Inside The Project: Justin Hale “Let It Breathe”

By: Carrick Wenke

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Just one week following the surprise drop of his first video, “20/20”, Justin Hale brings us his debut mixtape. Six tracks (with one bonus, the previously released “Sativa”) Justin includes “20/20” and five more new tracks. Out of this lot, my favorites were “Goyard” featuring Sky Division member Keezy, and in agreeance with Justin, “Pray4Me”. 


How did you choose the title of your project?
So to be completely honest before I had my daughter (literally a week before) back in 2014 I was working on this project titled Let it Breathe, however, due to the fact that I had to move to another state and couldn’t market it I decided to scrap it and focus on being a dad. So now that 3yrs. Later I have the time and ability to do so I decided to symbolically title this project the same Let it Breathe. and its just supposed to mean “Inhale the good shit, Exhale the bullshit” – Let it Breathe J.H.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
So I design all of my own artwork to save money lol and because I feel like I can really make it what I want it to be. So specifically I chose this shot of me on the roof exhaling smoke “letting it breathe” to not only pay homage to the project but to highlight that this is my actual roof top where I now live as opposed to where I used to live in this broken down apartment with my daughter sleeping on the floor with barely any heat. So it just really is a reminder that hard work pays off!

How long have you been working on this project?
Specifically Let it Breathe for about a month and a half but thats only because I had actually been working on a different project and had so many left over tracks that I decided I needed to put out something that will be kind of a foreshadow of whats to come this year!

Where was it recorded?
It was recorded in Kent, WA at the studio that is partnered with my label.

Who are the producers?
Engineer Simon and then Mastered in Florida by my executive producer and co founder of my label 5th.
with beats by 5th1etter, Cxdy and BE$Gang.

Who was featured?
Keezy and 52Kings.

What was your favorite track?
My favorite track is definitely the first track Pray4Me” because it’s the most vulnerable and really showcases my dual talents.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
Everyone from the Soul Doubt Records team and CamelKore for an amazing music video. Last but not least, Carrick Wenke for giving me the chance to work with the Blow Up Co.

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