Inside The Project: KiD Jone$ “Club 308”

Interview By: Carrick Wenke


After about 5 months of work, KiD Jone$ drops his latest 12 track project, Club 308, named after his dorm room number during his freshman year in college. 


How Did you choose the title of your project?
My mixtape title is inspired by my dorm room # from my freshman year at UW Bothell. One of my brothers had the same room # his freshman year of college which made it hard for me not to create something out of the # 308. “Club 308” represents an exclusive feel, an exclusive vibe, an exclusive section.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
My artwork is simple but still a heavy representation of myself. The smoke behind the title represents me releasing steam and releasing fire, along with the fact that I’m a strong supporter of marijuana. The artwork was done by Augu$t Young who’s a young cat from Connecticut I met while networking online. He’s great at creativity with his covers as well as progressing with his music.

How long have you been working on this project?
There are certain songs from the project that I’ve had in my journal since early 2015. There are also songs on the tape that I made 2 weeks ago. All in all a total of 5 months.

Where was is recorded?
It was recorded in downtown Seattle in the home studio of J Battle.

Who are the Producers?
Jefferson, Noah Fin, and others from around the country. The whole tape was executive produced by J Battle.

Who was Featured?
I only have one feature because I like to keep the number of features on my projects low. The one feature I have is Nikko Savage, my co artist on the independent label we’re signed to, White Sound Records.

What was your favorite track?
It’s a tie between “Wood Grain Whippin'” and “23 Flights”. “Wood Grain Whippin'” has an upbeat tempo and makes me want to go to the gym whereas “23 Flights” mellows me out and I like the vibe I bring on the track.

Who would you like to thank for helping you with this project?
I gotta thank God first & foremost for blessing me with this gift I possess. My manager Matt Simmons. My family..blood or not, my bro’s.. HigherENT, FTB, PG, YT$. #PeAcE1TiMe


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