Inside the Project: Martis Unruly “MISFIT II”

By: Carrick Wenke

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I’ve been following UDF for literally multiple years, and literally everytime they drop a new project it’s well worth the (sometimes) long wait. They consistently stay leveling up from the last release and staying constructive and creative. Following up his 2014 release Misfit, UDF member Martis Unruly bring us the heavily anticipated sequel Misfit 2. Man, 12 tracks that you can play from the start (“Eternal Flame”) to the end (“Infinite”), which is rare to come by nowadays. Martis is as dark as ever with the rhyme schemes (“bury me in paper like a mother fucking pharoah”, “they say Unruly you’re a jerk, always making things worse”), and I’d also like to point out that the Yung Uglee production on “Eternal Flame” was something I needed to hear. In addition to streaming on Soundcloud, you can also purchase this album on a very limited edition cassettes and I suggest getting one ASAP because I copped one last year for the Distant release and they sell out quick.

How did you choose the title of your project?
I chose my title because of my original title from my last project MISFIT,  I felt like it needed a sequel.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?
The artwork is super dope its made by the person that makes all of our designs, Iz . I definitely like how my face is shrouded in darkness. The design was completely done by Iz though so I don’t have an exact reason for the design.

How long have you been working on this project?
I’ve been working on and off on it for about 8 months just chillin’ and enjoying making songs. I didn’t stress so much about release dates and shit this time around.

Where was it recorded?
It was recorded in several places. Firstly in Khrist Koopa‘s studio, and also at Trowa Barton’s. Lastly it was recorded at my homie Chiefo’s space out North.

Who are the producers?
Yung Uglee, AJ Suede, Trowa Barton, BB Sun, Khrist Koopa, Young God (BSBD), Rare Rashad, Yung Tone, Trill Spector, BMB Loko Los. They all made dope ass beats and I truly appreciate it.

Who was featured?
None, completely me this time around :+)

What was your favorite track?
I gotta say “Shark Missile” over all. It was one of my favorite beats produced by Trowa Barton. Shit just bangs.

Who would you like to thank for helping with this project?
I’d like to thank Bullshit Night Records for once again working with me and doing a great job with the leveling and mastering!


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