Inside The Project: Travis Thompson “Ambaum”

Interview By: Carrick Wenke

About a year after the release and success of his debut EP Living For The Future, Travis Thompson drops his first full length, Ambaum. Titled after the street that connects Burien, White Center, and West Seattle, Ambaum is another collection of fun songs that makes sense to listen to while you’re drinking Horchata and eating Taco’s outside of Rancho Bravo.

How Did you choose the title of your project?

I chose the title for the project years ago. My friend and now DJ, Keoki- before I was even rapping, told me that we needed to make an album and call it “Ambaum”. At the time, it sounded hella dumb. But as I was making this tape, it came back to me. The whole project is stories on what it was like to grow up where I grew up, to who I grew up with and shit. Being a dirty ass, broke skater kid. It fit. Ambaum is the street that connects Burien to White Center To West Seattle.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?

The picture on the cover is me as a baby. And that’s my dad holding me. We crossed out his eyes not because I don’t fuck with him, I love my dad and shit. But it kinda represents that the project is focused on me and how I was affected by those around me. Also, it looks cool as hell. It was done by Nic Supa. Who is also dope as fuck. He does a lot of my art.

How long have you been working on this project?

We’ve been working on this project for about a year. But the bulk of the project was done in the last 6 months. We been going in on this shit. We postponed a bunch of it. Which was dumb. But it’s cool. Shit sounds fire now.

Where was is recorded?

The project was recorded at the Ruby Room in Seattle by Nima Skeemz.

Who are the Producers?

The executive producer of the whole project was Nima Skeemz. He produced 5 of the songs himself and added something to every single beat- even the ones made by other producers. The other producers on this were Tyler Dopps (who also mastered the whole thing), Breve, Sk8God, and BeanOne. All Seattle ass dudes. And homies.

Who was Featured?

MistaDC sings on “The Underdog  intro”. Paris Alexa sings on “Never Change”, and “The End of the World”. And Nyles Davis did the hook on “Lost Time”. All of them are super dope and I believe in them 100 percent. All the features on this came super naturally. Those my homies.

What was your favorite track?

My favorite track to listen to is either “Party Favors”, or “Say Wassup”. “Party Favors” because we did some cool ass electronic sounds for the hook and the verses are clownin’. Also, “Say Wassup” because the verses were the most fun to write, Elan killed the guitar part, and my friend Mahad did all the adlibs. It reminds me of the studio session. We had way too many people in there…it was tight hahaha. “The End of the World” is dope as well though too, because I really got to talk about my life and it means hella to me. I fuck with all of em though. Them’s my babies.

Who would you like to thank for helping you with this project?

Off tops. Thank you Malia Obama. Anybody who owns a taco truck. Nima Skeemz. The inventors of Bubble Tea. Tyler Dopps. Shelton Harris. Every girl whose ever let me make out with them. Nyles, Paris, and MistaDC. The directors of the Sandlot. Shelton Harris. Hi-Chew. Elan Wright. Saars Market. Ambaum. The workers at McDonalds who see me put sprite in my water cup and don’t say shit. My Mom. The Fans. Forreal. Thank you.



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