Inside The Project: Type Z “Prototype EP”

We were first introduced to Type Z through the Black Market submission and appreciated his authentic hip hop vibes. Moving forward, the Seattle based MC released an introductory project this past 4/20 titled the Prototype EP. Check out the 6 track project below & get to know Type Z in our latest installment of “Inside the Project”.

How Did you choose the title of your project?

Well since this is my first actual extended project I decided to call it the Prototype EP, because a prototype is like the first model of something or the beginning of a design that will be used and developed overtime. It worked perfectly since my rapper name is Type Z.

Can you explain the story behind your artwork and who is the designer?

I’m planning on designing my own cover to the EP, but the artwork I have now is for the project’s first single called “Def. of ILL” produced by a very talented hip hop producer from Ireland called Jar Jar Jr. A lot of my artwork is inspired by Japanese culture and anime and there are a lot of Instragram profiles dedicated to that aesthetic and that’s where a lot of images I like to use come from. For “Def. of ILL” I took an image from an IG account called BUJIEO, but the image has since been deleted. I connected the photo the song initially because I have a line in the song that goes “verses full of vices got me flying out of my disguises.” The masks in the image are like the disguises I’m talking about in the song; as a rapper you have the opportunity to show your real self and not have to hide anything, unlike with a real job you can’t just showcase your flaws or bad habits. The problem is sometimes rappers use this music to try to become someone else, someone they’re not.

How long have you been working on this project?

I would say about 4 months.

Where was is recorded?

The first two tracks, “Def. of ILL” and “Blessed” were recording in Vancouver, B.C. by two friends studying studio engineering at a school called the Nimbus School of Recording and Media. The two guys, producers themselves who go by the name Yada Yada (aka Todd) and Mentiras (aka Roberto), approached me during a performance our mutual friends had organized for us all. The showcase was put on by the multimedia label Real Ideal, who I knew from going to school in Southern California where we had done parties in the past.
The rest of the album was recorded at the Purple Door studios by my man Seth. This was a huge step for me, because for a little bit I was struggling to find a good creative environment that was close to home. So I hit these guys up after hearing some advice from my friend and local spitter Nyles Davis, once they heard my last song “Mecca” they were impressed and we linked up and started cookin.

Who are the Producers?

I get most of my beats from hip hop producers that I am a fan of on Soundcloud. Recently I’ve been really into the Lo-fi hip hop scene so prevalent on Soundcloud and bandcamp, guys like Bsd.u, wun two, Flofilz, Psymun, or Grimm Doza. The 6 different producers I used on the ProtoType EP kind of have their own unique sound within the project. The first producer I already mentioned is Jar Jar Jr, an Irish dude who’s taking the instrumental world by storm right now with some heavy old school hitters, I highly recommend scrolling through his SC page. The next song “Blessed” uses a beat called “Bitchu” by Swum and Shamana, these two big names in the lo-fi scene sample OG maco in a really drown out and glitchy beat. I also used really 90’s sounding beats from producers like Snares and Hulk Hodn, and the last track of the project is a beautiful summery beat produced by LetsRunTrack. Probably my favorite song on the project and the only one I am singing in is produced by Grimm Doza a prolific New Jersey Rapper/producer who’s made beats for lucki eck$ and Chester Watson.

Who was featured?

I didn’t really feel like trying to hard to get people featured on this, I wanted to hone in on my own style. One of the tracks, “Blessed” was supposed to have my good friend Kamal aka Ricky Ph7air (Flair) featured on it and he actually wrote a fire verse for it, but it never came to fruition we were on two different sides of the world. But I plan to perform it one day with him when we have a reunion.

What was your favorite track?

As I said, I would have to pick Miss Music produced by Grimm Doza, because it’s the first song that I have ever experimented with singing in and I think it sounded great. On top of that it portrays a story that I have always wanted to tell in a song and often my raps are kind of like bar after bar, so it was nice to get a quick little love story in therr.

Who would you like to thank for helping you with this project?

I would like to thank my mans Seth at Purple door studio for hookin me up, I would like to thank Todd and Roberto for giving me a starting point and Real Ideal for introducing the three of us, specifically Benji, Lewis (aka Kingbail), and Baph. I’d like to thank my homie Kamal for being a great piece of inspiration and my dude Mikyle for always DJing for me when I need one. And shout out to my dude Ari for showing me the dark arts and shout to Hanna Bratton aka (Breezy) for starting it all.

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