Justin Hale “2020”

By: Carrick Wenke

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Making a strong visual debut for a familiar track, Justin Hale teams with CamelKore on “2020”. Exclaiming prominently at the beginning of the track “check the headline for my interview later/give your lame ass something you can do later”, the video shows Justin spitting his slick rhymes amongst different scenic shots, with cuts of a masked woman licking a knife reminiscent of mid 2000’s horror flick The Strangers

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Justin and CamelKore were on the same page when it came to the video, “Working with Max was a privilege. He has one of the craziest visions I’ve ever came in contact with, and it’s cool that it meshed so well with mine”, he stated as he passed me a joint. “We were instantly on the same page so there was no stepping on each others toes. We got in, got started and got done what we needed to get finished, and we smoked hella too while we were doing it”.

According to Justin, the inspiration to the video really came from the song being so literal, and the visuals paid homage to what he was saying, where as the inspiration to to song came from a day dream of what he wants by 2020, and was his way of “speaking something into the universe” so to say. The filming locations were familiar too as Justin was telling me the weather played a major factor in them deciding to just go kick it at their usual spots as it was a nice sunny day out. 

Now that the video is out, Justin has plans for the summer already in line with the mixtape Let It Breathe dropping on June 1st and a show at Chop Suey for “LIT Seattle” on June 6th in Seattle, followed by plenty of other things in the works. 

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