KEITH drops another celebrated project, “K E I T H WORLD”

By: Carrick Wenke


It’s been a very important week in #BasedWorld. August 17th, 2017 finally marked the release of Lil B‘s Hip-Hop-saving project¬†Black Ken, entirely produced by the BasedGod and August 21st, 2017 marked the release of fellow BasedWorld Legend KEITH‘s project¬†Keith World.¬†If you’re looking for a world similar to Cole World, Keith World is not the place for you. KEITH teams up with yet again another BasedWorld Legend Young L, and Lil Rece on the production of this album. Packed fully with bouncy Bay Area bass and synths and KEITH’s unique take on Trap rap, KEITH proves once again that the Soundcloud generation is really some of his sons.

Me personally, I get super hyped off of every KEITH release. From the phenomenal collaboration with Fish Narc earlier this year,¬†Crash & Burn,¬†to the undeniable¬†Black Bart¬†series, KEITH continues to show his versatile approach on each project. “I don’t play no instruments hoe this ain’t no band, they know me everywhere I’m poppin’ in Japan”, KEITH proclaims on “No Nines” as he displays the usual swagger he is known for. I was fortunate enough to kick it with KEITH on my birthday last year, and get a 7 Slaps In The Sack episode done with him, and can say as funny and lighthearted as he can be, he’s also quite seasoned in music knowledge, and had quite a bit to offer in explaining his music influences.

We had a couple tastes of what was to come in the earlier months for the visuals “Valet” & “Blue Strips”, and in conjunction with today’s EP release, he also blessed us with visuals for lead off track, “17”. Enjoy.

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